Giorgia Meloni, thanks to the Italians and a left blow: “Even in health…”

Fast forward to the new year. After going through a difficult period, characterized by ototlites that forced her to postpone some commitments, Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni is ready to return. Health problems that have been taken advantage of by the left to criticize her and accuse her of wanting to avoid the end of year press conference that will take place on January 4th. In a post on social media, Meloni writes: “I had some small health problems that forced me to stay at home, but now I’m much better. I want to apologize for the commitments I had to postpone (which, as always, I will not run away from) and I thank the many Italians who sent me their wishes for a speedy recovery.”

“I also want to thank the few who managed to even discuss health: they remind me of who I don’t want to be”, is the left-wing Prime Minister’s criticism. In the post a message to the country: “But above all, I want to wish all of Italy a 2024 of pride, success, optimism and hope. I will do my best, and the Government with me, but to build a better future for this unique nation, it is important that we all believe in this together. May you be happy, courageous and enterprising. Happy New Year to you and your families.”

Source: IL Tempo