Court of Auditors, “drooling with rage”. Storm over magistrate Degni who attacks the government

“Economist, left-wing, disillusioned with Italian parties”. This is the description that Marcello Degni, owner of the Court of Auditors, gives of himself, which generated uproar due to the words of profile X of which he appears to be the owner: “Opportunity lost. There were conditions for obstructionism and provisional exercise. We could have made them drool with rage over the so-called armored maneuver and instead we made them recite Marinetti.”

This social intervention, directed at Elly Schlein and the Democratic Party, provoked protests from several members of the majority, including Tommaso Foti, leader of the Brothers of Italy group in the Chamber: “The statements by the Court of Auditors advisor, Marcello Degni, constitute a serious violation of the third party principle that should guide those who comprise it. His invasion of the political field with this statement represents a very serious matter and should lead him to resign immediately. And even though he ignores the thinking of the left that he would like to represent, Gramsci praised the futurists, as well as the Chamber’s regulations that prevent any form of obstructionism to the budget law – which he would have wanted the opposition to implement, given that the times are limited. We hope that the bodies of the Court of Auditors, as announced, will take appropriate and peremptory initiatives in this regard, as what happened is neither tolerable nor justifiable at an institutional level”.

The case gave rise to a note from the Court of Auditors that distances itself from what was written by the accounting magistrate and announces “competent assessments” at the next meeting of the Presidency Council: “Regarding some statements made by a magistrate, expressed on social media outside institutional channels and which in no way represent the positions of the Institute, informs that the topic will be examined urgently at the next meeting of the Presidency Council for the pertinent assessments”.

Source: IL Tempo