Podcast De Dag: Diving into royal history

Since January 1, 2024, the royal family’s archives have become even more open to research: up to the reign of Queen Wilhelmina. King Willem-Alexander made the announcement after his grandfather Prince Bernhard’s Nazi Party membership card was made public. In this archive, Bernhard appears to have kept evidence of his membership in Adolf Hitler’s party.

What do we learn now that the House of Orange’s private archives have been further opened? Biographer Dik van der Meulen knows very well that interesting things are hiding there. There is a biography about King Willem III. De Dag says in his podcast that he wrote and found a letter full of emotions in the archive. He wants to go back to the archives for his new book about Prince Bernhard.

Historian Daniela Hooghiemstra also describes II. The archive experienced such a “historical sensation” when it learned more about William’s love life. Its publication sparked rare criticism from Queen Beatrix. How far can you go when investigating the royal family’s private archives?

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Presenter: Marco Geijtenbeek

Editor: IJsbrand Terpstra

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