Birth rate, Pillon doesn’t hide it: “Women don’t have children out of selfishness”

«There is a great individualistic aspect and, therefore, also selfish, but it is the result of a way of feeling that is already common: because the child is a burden, because the child takes from you, because the child limits you, because the child does not allow your career to develop. And then they reach the age of 40 and can no longer have children because in the meantime nature has basically taken over and they opt for assisted fertilization or, even worse, a rented uterus! But most of all, there is a lack of hope. We are a decadent, declining society, where certain values ​​are no longer recognized as such.” The statement was made by Simone Pillon, member of the League and former senator, guest on the web talk «KlausCondicio» by Klaus Davi broadcast on YouTube.

«Pillon evidently suffering from verbal incontinence gives us his first pearl of 2024. So, as a new mother for the second time, I want to make an appeal: give Pillon a uterus, let’s give him a cycle of one month, then we’ll see if he continues to speak unworthily about women and motherhood”: like Vittoria Baldino, deputy leader of the M5S group in Montecitorio in response to the speech about birth and motherhood.

Source: IL Tempo