Giorgia Meloni’s press conference. Live broadcast

Today, January 4, is the day when Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni’s press conference will be held, which was planned to be held at the end of December but was postponed due to health problems. Live broadcast of the meeting with journalists.

Last year, at his first year-end press conference as prime minister, Meloni answered questions for nearly three hours. Now that we are a year into government, it is easy to imagine a repeat. There are many issues on the table: from the balance of what has been done in recent months to the latest and thorniest issues: the competition issue, the bill on beach and street vendors, which has taken on a different weight after Colle’s intervention. Mattarella comments. And again, in the debate about the “armed MP”, as it is now defined even in the majority, Emanuele Pozzolo accused him of wounding one of the partygoers in Pro Loco di Rosazza by firing a gun on New Year’s Eve; The investigation into the purchase of Ana that put Tommaso Verdini under house arrest and involved his father Denis.

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Source: Today IT