Crosetto gets angry and insults him on social media: “You stupid fool, won’t I be able to rest with Burraco?”

Defense Minister Guido Crosetto is on edge, responding to users with insults after receiving an ironic comment on one of his posts. It all started with a message he posted on Instagram, where he commented on a moment of free time: “Rest days are also used to relax with friends, playing Burraco. And even when they “steal” there is no better satisfaction than winning. You have 100 points and you can do it more.” Then you’ll realize…thank you Caio”.

Some users responded, as is often the case on social media, with ironic comments such as “Minister, by the way, I am informing you that Putin has been occupying Ukraine for months and the war is over. Happy New Year.” But Crosetto lost his temper: “I’m telling you, fool, if I decide to rest at 23:00, I can do it without someone like you writing such nonsense.”

This moment of joy for Italy’s Brothers Minister turned into tension as other users harshly criticized his reaction and continued to respond with insults such as “loser”, “stupid”, “imbecile” and “hater”. M…”.

Post Guido Crosetto insults Instagram photos

Crosetto’s overreaction was not appreciated by users. In fact, many feel that “it is neither appropriate nor acceptable for a minister to insult a citizen who simply commented on one of his posts (without using inappropriate terms).” There were later those who reminded the minister: “There is an institutional formality where it is a duty in a public profile to first talk about one’s public life. One can and should respond in a non-offensive way because that is what I expect from a minister. A discussion at a higher level. I think apologizing is an option.” “He deserves it because he definitely crossed the line in his answers.”

Source: Today IT