The loss of a Pan-American platform causes a political earthquake in the Pact

A ‘tsunami’ of reactions, rejections, criticism and questions led to Panam Sports’ decision to withdraw Barranquilla the venue of the Pan American Games due to non-payment by the National government.

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That caused that in the same Historical Pact, related party of President Gustavo Petroa political earthquake. All because of the heavy clash between Agmeth Escaf and Gustavo Bolívar.

Since Wednesday afternoon, when the decision of the President of Panam Neven Ilic was known, Escaf launched a harsh interrogation of the national government, warning of the “damage” it is causing Barranquilla that the headquarters has been lost.

“This is unthinkable, unjustifiable and unforgivable. The damage caused by this negligence on the part of the central government Barranquilla It’s immeasurable. It’s not like that, Gustavo Petro, it’s not like that,” the representative told the House.

Bolívar, one of the people closest to the head of state, was not happy with the statement and responded with a saying: “Raise crows and they will put out your eyes.”

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But the confrontation didn’t stop there. Escaf commented: “You were already procrastinating, Gustavo Bolivar. I wouldn’t be surprised if your winery attacked me again. My loyalty to Gustavo Petro has been tested against everything, even by people like you from the same Pact who have tried to discredit me from day one for no reason whatsoever. I have always been firm with him on that. And I remain steadfast.”

However, he clarified that he will always defend Barranquilla: “Whether you like it or not, I don’t care, my city comes first. The Games must be made up, anything else is unacceptable.”

But Bolívar continued to staunchly defend the president, arguing that as president of the republic he has “a thousand fronts to take into account.”

“It is impossible for him to be aware of the details. For this he delegates to his ministers and directors. In the case of the Pan American Games, the responsibility lies with the minister and mayor Pumarejo. The president ordered the play and he is enthusiastic and committed to them.”

Source: El Heraldo