Aleksandr Dugin: Putin’s ideologist at the founding conference of Casapound

A conference where the “evolution of the world in the multipolar sense” will be discussed in the presence of an extraordinary guest (albeit via video link from Moscow), the philosopher and political scientist Aleksandr Dugin, known as the inspiration of ideology and extremism. Russian President Putin’s nationalist matrix. The event will be held in Lucca on January 27 by the “Vento dell’est” association, which aims to “reestablish and strengthen the traditional relations of friendship and cooperation between Italy and Russia” as well as having solid ties. With the neo-fascist universe of Casapound.

The founder of the association is actually Lorenzo Berti, founder of Casa Pound in Pistoia, and over the years he has never tried to hide his ideological references: in 2017 he ran for mayor on behalf of the “fascists of the third millennium” and on April 25, 2022 he ran for mayor. On Instagram, he shared a photo of himself and his wife in a swimsuit with the comment: “A fun way to spend the worst day of the year. #25apriluttonazionale”.

Dugin’s ties to Italian politics

This is not the first time that ties between Alexander Dugin and part of the right-wing political universe, particularly Matteo Salvini’s League, have come to light. It was Dugin who interviewed Salvini at the Tsargrad studios of the Russian Ministry of Defense television during his visit to Moscow in 2016. Two years later, in 2018, the father of the ‘Fourth Political Theory’, which transcended fascism, communism and liberalism in the name of dominant populism, gave his blessing to the newly formed yellow-green government.

Back in Lucca, driven by the East Wind, the event met with disapproval even from the right: “I feel great concern and concern on behalf of Forza Italia: I make the voice of such characters heard at a time when support is growing in Kiev. Deputy chairman of Forza Italia MPs and head of foreign affairs of the blue party It should be stronger than ever, totally inappropriate,” Deborah Bergamini commented in a note. Criticism from the Democratic Party: “A bad wind is blowing in Lucca. Is the right-wing administration condemning itself and separating itself?” Despite regional secretary Emiliano Fossi insisting, there has been no response from the centre-right council for now. Under the leadership of Mario Pardini.


Source: Today IT