Opposition attacks Conte and Giorgia Meloni: “He has a black belt in sarcasm”

A chorus of attacks from the opposition against Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni, who answered journalists’ questions at the year-end press conference in the House of Representatives today.

Almost everyone is attacking the prime minister, objecting above all to his choices on the economy but also on many issues clearly overlooked in the 45 responses to parliamentary press correspondents.

On the attack from the Democratic Party: “Meloni, tell me who is blackmailing you”

Former Labor Minister Andrea Orlando criticized the Prime Minister for the words he used to send a message to his majority: “It is not clear who Meloni meant when he said he could not be blackmailed – Orlando explains -. This is not a matter of gossip, it is the Prime Minister’s right to know who continues to blackmail him.” Banks are certainly not among the suspects usually attributed to powerful forces. Not only did Meloni give in, but he did so on very short notice because a tax on extra profits had essentially been canceled and the ‘why didn’t you’ argument was a press It was used to attack or attack halfway through the meeting. An unusual way of provoking dissent for the leader of a European democracy like ours – continues Orlando – that was completely eliminated. In fact, extra profits could not be taxed because there had been no extra profits in recent years. This year the banks were lower than last year. It will close with a profit of 60 billion, 80 percent more than the previous year. “Perhaps they can contribute to this difficult transition in the life of the country.”

His colleague Arturo Scotto also intervenes against the alleged “blackmailers”: “Meloni – he writes on social media – does not accept blackmail. He has been saying this since the beginning of the parliament and repeats it today. Unfortunately, he does not accept it.” Give the names of those who blackmailed you. If a political leader makes accusations this serious, it is his duty to be specific. Otherwise he runs the risk of being seen as irresponsible or a myth freak.”

Conte: Giorgia Meloni has a black belt in sarcasm

“What is the limit of those who define themselves as patriots? They end up like Giorgia Meoni. As you know, the Prime Minister bowed to Germany and France for an agreement on the Stability Pact, which envisages the introduction of cuts and taxes on Italy. It exceeded 12 billion per year. Finally, at the press conference today He could not escape the questions and the answer was: ‘I am satisfied – under certain conditions – with the agreement we have made on the Stability Pact; it is the Pact I wanted. So why did he say yes?’ Giuseppe Conte, head of the 5 Star Movement, asks himself this, devoting a long post on Facebook to the prime minister’s press conference.

“We have a big problem in Chigi,” continues the former prime minister, if the prime minister does not, as usual, lose rights, services, healthcare, etc. If he is ‘satisfied’ with the 12 billion cut that risks affecting him. For the future of our young people, we sent to Europe a Prime Minister who says ‘yes sir’ to the decisions that other countries will make on our behalf, a President who bows his head with the same diligence to his European partners, who does not demand two billion taxes from extra earnings to the Banks. A ‘black’ who mocks the citizens If there is a generation, it rightfully belongs to Giorgia Meloni. Three years ago, we were returning from Europe with 209 billion for Italy, now we are returning with billions of dollars of mortgage cuts every year. From the ‘patriots’ who are ‘ready’ for anything to the enemies of Italy’s interests, little is needed: just one year of Government”, concludes the M5S leader.

Bonelli (Avs): “It is unheard of that the climate crisis is not mentioned”

“It is surprising and unacceptable that the issues of the environment and the climate crisis were not discussed at all at President Meloni’s press conference. Although the climate crisis is one of the most urgent problems of our time and Italy is a climate hotspot, as increasingly extreme meteorological events remind us every day, the president has not needed to spare a moment to address this important issue, other than to say that it is fighting for a European policy that can harmonize environmental sustainability with economic sustainability. “To reiterate that social, consolidated interests come first, followed by the interests of those sickened by the smog that envelops our cities”. Angelo Bonelli, national co-spokesperson of Green Europe and deputy of the Alliance of Greens and the Left, wrote this in a note. “Given the need to act quickly to reduce the effects of climate change and protect human health and biodiversity, this omission – continues Bonelli – is particularly serious.”

Fratoianni: “Melons are like Count Mascetti”

Nicola Fratoianni, the national secretary of the Italian Left, is also harsh: “Amidst so much rhetoric and evasive reactions, what Meloni ultimately presented at the press conference, according to Facebook, is a country on sale: he announced cuts. The public budget, the state railways and Poste “The privatization of . It’s the same old austerity story with billions of dollars added to be found due to the new stability agreement signed by Meloni himself. We will have fewer services, especially in healthcare, which has suffered greatly in recent days due to cuts and staff shortages”. The Green Left Alliance attacks the government over parliamentary economic choices: “The money would be there -” the SI leader continues – but Meloni is determined to protect those whose money is in the vault, such as banks, and especially those in the vault. gave the banks a shameful and ridiculous response. Not only did he have the courage to say that the tax was still there after providing loopholes for banking institutions to not pay a dime, but he also added that the country would do it. Count Mascetti and his super cocks are there, right?”.

Renzi: You’ve never heard so many lies

“The Prime Minister says he is not increasing taxes; the excise duty on gasoline and the VAT on sanitary napkins have increased by themselves. The Prime Minister says we need to reconcile birth and business, but in the meantime he is also increasing taxes.” VAT on baby diapers and children’s products. The Prime Minister says that while he was in government he never asked for the resignation of his opponents, but once a month he asked me to resign: for the banks, for Unicef, for Tempa Rossa,” so the leader of Italia Viva, Matteo Renzi, wrote on his Facebook page.

“The Prime Minister – continues the former Prime Minister – says he can put his sister in the subsidiary, as others do: who else? Maybe the North Korean leader is doing this with his sister. Maybe. The Prime Minister says: he has no problems with the ruling class: his brother-in-law stops the Frecciarossa trains and He is spending millions of euros on his secretariat, the gunman is shooting and demanding parliamentary immunity, the undersecretary of justice is organizing parties with the prison police as if it were his own party. The special phalanx is ignoring the fact that the climate has changed on immigration, that in the face of those like him who say ‘we will close the ports’, the removals have actually increased by 50 percent, for now He says they’re coming.”

Source: Today IT