Anas shopping case, Salvini says enough: with Francesca Verdini they promise complaints

He is determined, ready to take legal action to defend his and his partner’s reputation. Matteo Salvini is no longer willing to be unduly pulled by his jacket from the left, always ready to look at the speck in his opponent’s eye and never the log in his. And so, for a few days now, the opposition parties, in particular the 5 Star Movement and the Democratic Party, have been demanding like a jackhammer that the Minister of Transport and Secretary of the League, Matteo Salvini, inform parliament about the so-called “Verdini affair” . . In short, we are talking about an investigation by the Public Prosecutor’s Office in Rome into alleged irregularities in Anas contracts, in which Tommaso Verdini, Denis Verdini (former parliamentarian and father of Tommaso and Francesca, companion of the deputy prime minister) are implicated. and others . «Enough is enough, the complaints start today. Francesca and I were involved for no reason”, is Salvini’s outburst. Anyone who remembers that he has “the honor and the burden of assuming delicate responsibilities, always in total autonomy, in the exclusive interest of Italy, of promoting unblocking, acceleration and planning public works that have been paralyzed for years and getting involved in mistakes in events about which I know nothing is no longer tolerable.”

It should be remembered that the investigation refers to events that occurred even before the head of the Northern League became a minister in the Meloni government and with which Salvini himself had nothing to do. What then should the deputy prime minister report to parliament? The Captain’s only “failure” would be to have Tommaso’s sister as a companion, as well as Denis Verdini’s daughter. In other words, subjects under investigation and accused by the Rome Prosecutor’s Office of crimes of corruption and fraud in competitive tenders. Although Italian law is based on the concept of individual responsibility and the presumption of innocence, which requires concrete evidence to prove a person’s guilt in relation to a crime or illegal behavior, the fact that someone is related to an individual involved in alleged illegal activities, it goes without saying that this does not imply any guilt or liability on your part.

Giorgia Meloni’s statements are eloquent: «I think that on the subject we need to wait for the work of the judiciary, the developments, if necessary it is necessary to comment on that and not the theorems – supports the Prime Minister -. The interceptions refer to the previous government: Salvini is not questioned and, therefore, I do not believe that Salvini should inform the Chamber on this matter.” In any case, for Meloni it is “a mistake to transform a case like this into a political case. The only letter drawn by Tommaso Verdini is from the Democratic Party, but none of us said that the Democratic Party was involved.” In short, despite the fuss raised by the opposition, there is no “moral issue” for the government: the investigation does not involve Salvini and began long before the current executive took office. Finally, the deputy prime minister stated that he was willing to donate any compensation obtained from the legal actions to charity.

Source: IL Tempo