Left in pieces: all of the Democratic Party’s discontent toward Schlein. “The real leader is Conte”

Dear editor, poor count, federation of the Democratic Party: he is Princess Schlein’s true nightmare. For this reason, the multigender Democratic Party secretary found an unexpected ally in the monogender Meloni. The two leaders of Italian politics made a tacit pact between gentlemen to prevent the resurrection of the lawyer from Volturara Apulia. Schlein wants to lead the opposition excluding Grillino, while Meloni wants to avoid confrontation with the 5 Star Movement. The Prime Minister knows that she is more skilled than Elly on every level and, precisely for this reason, she prefers to face her rather than have to deal with Conte, who has now really written his curriculum vitae, revealing himself to be a bit of an Azzeccagarbugli , a little Dom Abbondio, a little Dom Rodrigo. A miscellany of masks reminiscent of those that the great Alberto Sordi brought to the screen, starting with Commendatore Nardi. The acrobatic former people’s lawyer is establishing himself as the most popular politician after the prime minister. It is a miracle to see him today as a warrior and more passionate than Che Guevara himself, who grew up kneeling in the shadow of his great mentors, Cardinal Achille Silvestrini and Professor Guido Alpa. With Schlein in free fall, which will hardly allow the Democratic Party to reach 20 percent in the European elections in June, Conte’s activism pays off. And, in fact, he is finding support, even on the left.

Older people know that, to hope for a possible re-election, they must bet on a strong leader, which the Democratic Party does not have today. In addition to Nicola Zingaretti, the first to foresee for him «a very strong point of reference for all progressive forces», Roberto Speranza and Andrea Orlando, Conte established transversal friendly relations with Gianni Letta, Enrico Gasbarra, the latter a safe bridge between Catholics and progressives, and with Maria Elena Boschi, who, in times past, organized a dinner with Matteo Renzi, the young mayor of Florence. Not to mention his two historical admirers, Massimo D’Alema and Goffredo Bettini who he is wintering, as always, in Thailand. He also finds credit in people like Maurizio Landini and Pierpaolo Bombardieri, who today consider him the only one who can be used on issues close to their hearts, from the minimum wage to mortgages to high rents. Nowadays, those who vote on the left count on him and, among other things, based on polls and results, the M5S is the party most voted for by the new generations, despite Schlein being the youngest political leader. Conte, who also has support in the State apparatus and the Vatican, and a direct line with Rai, is playing an important game with a view to the European Championship and knows well that the real “boost” can be given to him by Alessandra Todde, former -Conte’s undersecretary 2 and vice-minister in the Draghi government, now a candidate for the center-left in Sardinia in the regional elections on February 25. Giuseppi imposed it on the Democratic Party and is convinced that Todde’s victory could serve as a driving force for the European elections, despite the fact that former democrat Renato Soru is also in the race, whose candidacy is supported by a coalition of moderates and the communists Refoundation. The usual Tafazzian fate of the divided left that ends up doing the center-right a favor. Todde – respected by the left and greatly feared by the right – is running a dynamic election campaign. She would be the first woman to lead Sardinia and the first 5-Star to be governor and, for Conte, a revenge against Matteo Salvini: the FdI, in fact, is certain that the candidate of the majority coalition will be Paolo Truzzu and not the outgoing Christian Solinas, as desired by the head of the League.

While Salvini thinks about what to do, another game risks complicating Conte’s life and this is the operation that Alessandro Di Battista and Virginia Raggi are putting together. The two now talk daily and Di Battista seems to intend to transform his association into a party to stand in the next elections together with Raggi. To act, Conte would like at all costs to bring “Dibba” back to Strasbourg with the 5S Movement, as he fears that the operation with Virginia could take away votes from the party, knowing full well that he will not be able to count on the support of Beppe Grillo, who today he is a paid general without an army, not even from Casaleggio junior, almost a mini pensioner from the network. Di Battista-Raggi’s line will be simple: “never with the Democratic Party”. In short, they will once again be the “no”, while the former prime minister has long understood that, to return to Palazzo Chigi, he needs allies. Alongside the timeless Rocco Casalino and Chiara Appendino, a face that reassures the bourgeoisie, social media manager Dario Adamo and the very faithful Maria Chiara Ricciuti are on the rise among the grillini. Finally, there is a third issue to be resolved by Conte: guaranteeing positions for those meteors who, without him, today would be “in the middle of the road”, like Paola Taverna or Roberto Fico. The last of the favors dispensed was the hiring of former Fico spokesman, Carlo Passarello, to head the ANM’s press office: he was hired with the aim of having a grillino to guide the magistrates’ communication at a time of where the relationship between the government and the judiciary became a war. Between all these repositionings, it doesn’t suit anyone to leave empty spaces that an old fox like Matteo Renzi is ready to fill at any moment. Woe to the vanquished!

Source: IL Tempo