Schlein and the double standard: Meloni attacks Pozzolo, but does not respond to Degni

Meloni calls Schlein to respond. The democratic secretary, in an interview with La Repubblica, accepts the prime minister’s invitation for a television discussion. «I launched the challenge to Meloni on merit – explains the democratic leader – it doesn’t scare me at all even if they tried to say it after my refusal to participate in their party because I don’t share the stage with those nostalgic for fascism and Francoism. We will see that the pompous promises of the right will melt like snow in the sun. However, the television discussion does not replace that in Parliament, they rarely watch it and trample the opposition.” Then, regarding his possible appearance on the field in the European Championship, he explains: «My evaluations ignore Meloni. I am committed to building a project to starting from the initiative in six symbolic places that we want in Europe. My candidacy will be the last question. Now we are working on lists open to civil society”.

In 2024 there will not only be European elections, but also local elections. Here the question is about possible alliances that could become complicated if Conte realized the risk of a polarization of the debate over Schlein and Meloni. «We ask the territories – explains the secretary – for broad but coherent alliances and we are not imposing anything from above. We have already built strong and credible candidacies as in Abruzzo.” Schlein, with the investiture as “leader of the opposition” by the Prime Minister, is tempted to face himself. Especially because he would have everything to gain, also with regard to the internal dynamics of the Democratic Party , and little to lose, but at the same time it is well aware that a possible media defeat against Meloni could harm it. In addition to the fact that excluding Conte from the game could complicate the game of territorial alliances and with a united center-right, the Party Democrat knows he must find support if he wants to have any hope of winning. That’s why he avoids giving certain answers about his possible entry into the area. In the meantime, however, he attacks with his head down. First about the “alleged blackmail” denounced by the prime minister in press conference at the beginning of the year. «Give the names and surnames of those who try to blackmail you, if yours is not the usual victimization to cover up the government’s failures. You must hand over the elements in your possession to the competent authorities.” Then, taking advantage of the latest news, he explains that «Meloni should have apologized» for the shooting on New Year’s Eve in which the FdI deputy, Emanuele Pozzolo, was involved, «and demanded his resignation». That’s fine, except that Schlein himself didn’t say a word about the matter involving Court of Auditors advisor Marcello Degni (the one who hoped that the non-approval of the budget law would see the majority “froth in anger”). These are two cases in which public figures did not fulfill their role with the “discipline and honor” required by the Constitution.

Schlein, however, also raises the issue of the Anas – Verdini case: «Meloni’s defense – says Schlein – is very weak. Salvini must report it: he is not under investigation, but the ordinances outline a system of intermediation between public managers and businesspeople who used their proximity to the minister and an undersecretary of the League.” More generally, for the DEM secretary, Meloni denies her responsibilities: «She does so in everything, in the rejection of the MEE reform and the gag law, she blames Parliament, when it is she who gives the line to her majority ». The secretary also returns to the controversy of Rai renamed Telemeloni. “Meloni will be the last prime minister to divide, we need to intervene with a reform that gives independence to the parties.” The face-to-face meeting on television has not yet been marked on the calendar but the confrontation appears to have already started.

Source: IL Tempo