Emanuele Pozzolo: The two witnesses who accused him of the shooting and the clarification of doubts

Prosecutors conducting the investigation into the Pozzolo case, which was initiated upon the complaint of the injured person, are starting to hear the statements of those who were present at the New Year’s Eve in Rosazza (Biella) as of today. 31-year-old electrician Luca Campana was shot by a gun belonging to Fratelli d’Italia MP Emanuele Pozzolo. Undersecretary of Justice Andrea Delmastro will probably be one of the first names heard by the judges of the Biella prosecutor’s office.

We are still looking for a definitive reconstruction of what happened in the small town of Valle Cervo, where Delmastro’s sister Francesca was mayor. Luca Campana says for days: “The only thing I remember was that the gun was taken out by the deputy and he used it. I asked him why he shot me, he did not answer me and did not even say that he was sorry.”

Who actually shot that evening? Emanuele Pozzolo’s suspension from Fratelli d’Italia by the decision of Giorgia Meloni is the latest in a lawsuit filed in the first hours of 2024. There are still many gray areas and some clarifications regarding the New Year’s Eve shooting incident. . Undersecretary Delmastro, of whom Pozzolo was one of the loyal members, immediately declared that he was outside the building at the time of the shooting and was preparing to head home with an escort. It is an element accepted by all statements that the fire was thrown accidentally. On the contrary, it needs to be clarified who was holding the gun when the bullet was fired.

Pozzolo claims it wasn’t him, but two of the evening’s attendees told investigators the exact opposite, namely that it was the deputy currently under investigation for injuries, dangerous discharges and failure to possess a weapon. The gunman was armed with a .22-caliber “North American Arms LR” minigun, which he regularly carried along with five other weapons.

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One of the witnesses who accused the deputy is the same person who recently reconstructed the crime scene and spoke to some reporters. “At a certain point – he said – Pozzolo pulled out a gun to show around. It was small, looked like a lighter, and he could hold it in the palm of his hand. He didn’t even have time to ask her. Considering that there were children in the room, what was he doing, maybe he was just lifting the gun.” The statements he and the other witness gave were collected almost simultaneously by two different gendarmes and would therefore have been a factor in favor of the prosecution. The other people present at the pro loco venue on New Year’s Eve could not, at least for now, provide useful elements for rebuilding the episode because they were not in the room or were distracted.

All of the adults who were there that night (there were 35 people, including some children) now need to be questioned by investigators. Pozzolo is likely to be questioned only when the draft results for detecting the trace of gunpowder arrive: the assessment is entrusted to the Carabinieri of the Ris-scientific research department. Pozzolo was tested just six hours after the shot, with findings on both his hands and clothing, but researchers are confident that the passage of time has not compromised the reliability of the test.

Source: Today IT