“Giorgia Meloni cannot remain silent about the Verdini case”

“I think the Prime Minister is wrong to deny the facts. We are witnessing the return of a dangerous spiral between politics and business. We are not talking about the second, third, fourth ranks of politics, but the ministers and undersecretaries who hold themselves responsible for behavior that Giorgia Meloni cannot remain silent about.” This was stated by the leader of the 5 Star Movement, Giuseppe Conte, when asked about the Anas orders case, which involved Tommaso Verdini, brother of Matteo Salvini, son of former parliamentarian Denis and associate of the Minister of Infrastructure and Transport, Matteo Salvini. .

Verdini Jr. The Prime Minister, who is under house arrest on charges of exploiting his political connections to obtain information about tenders from Anas executives and favor some customers in return for money, answered journalists’ questions at the year-end press conference and said: The deputy prime minister, who is not included in any of the wiretapping records examined by the investigators, does not need to report to the chambers.

Conte: “Meloni protects the etiquette and prestige of institutions”

“We see this intertwining between politics and business at various levels,” Conte continues, and from this perspective it is absolutely necessary to keep the threshold of attention high, because the etiquette and prestige of institutions need to be preserved. Act as if nothing had happened, telling Salvini that he should not go to Parliament to report on developments regarding the acquisition of Anas, a public company supervised by the competent minister, and pretending that nothing had happened regarding the elements revealed in the Sgarbi case. Turning it the other way would damage the prestige of institutions. “M5S leader Giorgia Meloni is taking on a huge responsibility by belittling all this and acting like it’s not a problem,” he said.

Source: Today IT