Renzi vs Meloni: “No result but a great player”

“At the end of the year press conference, Giorgia Meloni was very good at being an actress. Zero consequences from the government, but how good she is at acting, it’s incredible.” Matteo Renzi, leader of Italia Viva, said this during the broadcast “L’Aria che Tira” on La7.

Renzi, who has already announced his candidacy in the next European elections, then turned to the Pozzolo case: “I don’t know how to describe a man, a family man, without swearing, in a place where there are people on New Year’s Eve, children pulling guns. But the political responsibility also lies with Delmastro: What did the prison police say there?” “They had work? I’ve been living with surveillance and escorts for ten years, but they’ve never once come to dinner with me. We can. You want them to keep you company and not party with Delmastro? They’re paid to protect, don’t take them to dinner.”

“Unacceptable scenes in Acca Larentia. Will the Prime Minister say half a word?”

Images of the Acca Larentia massacre commemoration ceremony on January 7, where hundreds of far-right militants greeted Rome in front of the historic headquarters of the Social Movement, take center stage: “These are unacceptable scenes – Renzi thundered – and the fact that they have been repeated for years has prevented anyone from doing anything.” does not justify it. A month ago, the identity of the La Scala gallery attendant was identified by the Digos of Milan. Let us decide what kind of game we are playing. We are tolerant and tolerant towards those who apologize for fascism. Are you intolerant towards those who say ‘Long live anti-fascist Italy’? A note on Ferragni “Between sharing and a basic discussion on the trains of Delmastro or Lollobrigida, Giorgia Meloni will be able to say half a word in this scene. We are waiting for you.”

“Giorgia Meloni is wrong, European elections are not polls”

Criticisms of the Prime Minister also go beyond his possible candidacy for the European elections: “Meloni – said the leader of Italia Viva – hinted that he would run because for him the European elections are not a tool to elect someone, but only to elect a great leader. The test is great “A poll. In my opinion, this is wrong. We must say what we want for Europe. When I said I was running, I explained that I was for the United States of Europe, for the European army.”

“Tajani? Bronze medal or bronze face”

Finally a move for Antonio Tajani. Renzi made no secret of targeting the votes that left Forza Italia, which he thought could be contained after the death of Silvio Berlusconi: “Tajani – continues former prime minister – Minister of Foreign Affairs. What did Tajani do this year? We came third in the competition at the Expo, Europe Investment Bank had a nomination and our candidate Franco came third out of three, bronze medal or bronze hundred, depending on your point of view. So I say to Tajani: Foreign Minister should bring home some results instead of attacking others. How is Forza Italia today? there is an idea of ​​Europe? With Berlusconi he was pro-European, now there is Gasparri and they do not vote for the ESM”, he concluded.

Source: Today IT