Acca Larentia, Giorgia Meloni’s silence was a coincidence

Far-right militants’ Roman salutes at the commemoration of the Acca Larentia massacre are turning into a political cause. In addition to the presence of institution representatives during the official ceremony, the silence of Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni, who did not comment on the images circulating on the internet, also fueled the debate.

parliamentary question

As announced by Secretary Elly Schlein, Democratic Party senators submitted questions to Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni, Interior Minister Matteo Piantedosi and Justice Minister Carlo Nordio.

“As we read from the text, many participants stretched out their arms and shouted ‘we are there’ three times while giving the Roman salute. The militants then moved in front of the former headquarters of MSI, where Chamber vice president Fabio was located. Rampelli was also there and has frequented other commemorations in the past. As is often the case, they greeted each other by extending their arms in front of a black poster bearing the words ‘now, today, present’ and a white Celtic flag with a cross at the top”. Democratic senators cite as examples the provisional and final provision XII of the Italian Constitution, which prohibits any reorganization of the closed fascist party, and the Scelba law, which provides for the crime of advocating fascism and is punishable by prison sentences from 5 to 12 years. A fine of between €1,032 and €10,329 will be imposed on “anyone who encourages, organizes or manages associations, movements or groups of a fascist character”.

Elly Schlein: “Does Meloni have anything to say?”

“If you shout ‘Long live anti-fascist Italy’ in the theater you will be identified, but if you go to a neo-fascist rally with the Roman salute and banners you will not be recognized. Sorry, let me explain how this could happen. And Meloni has nothing to say?”. Democratic Party secretary Elly Schlein writes this to X. MP Alessandro Zan echoes him: “A full-scale fascist rally in the heart of Rome, Roman salutes and chilling images: an insult to democracy, to the anti-fascist Constitution, to the memory of the martyrs of our freedom. Not a word.” There is no condemnation from the government, no distance from the right. Does Meloni still have doubts about the matrix? “Instead, let’s cry and explain why no one intervened in the country and why this massacre was allowed.”

Ruotolo: “Laws are needed to stop the fascist drift”

Sandro Ruotolo, director of communications and memory at the Democratic Party Secretariat, explains: “The anger evoked by the images of the Aca Larentia celebration is comforting – but among the voices missing from the list is the voice of Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni. But beyond the anger, there is no sign of any fascists, at least in the symbols and in the clearest expressions.” It is possible to take one more step to stop the trend: the Democratic Party, together with Anpi, has submitted two legislative proposals, which say enough about the streets and buildings named after the defenders of the fascist party or ideology, and also enough about propaganda based on the glorification of the destructive methods of the democratic order specific to the fascist or Nazi-fascist ideology. “To say something. The two Italians who gave the Roman salute at Oktoberfest seem to have got along with the past much better today than we do.”

Italia Viva: “Palazzo Chigi’s silence is shameful”

“What is Giorgia Meloni waiting for to say something about Acca Larentia?” Italian Viva Deputy Isabella De Monte asks this. “The images of the fascist rally will be spread around the world. The spectacle is a shame, the silence of Palazzo Chigi is a shame. And to think that we have a Prime Minister who also interferes with Chiara Ferragni’s pandora”.

His party colleague Ivan Scalfarotto echoes him: “In an attempt to gain credibility as a European statesman, the incumbent Prime Minister should in theory be the first person who wants to politically condemn this nonsense. A violent and bloody regime, complicit in the most effective machine of hatred and destruction in history, and Its partner is a country that has no credibility or reputation among civilized nations,” writes MP X.

Fratoianni (Avs): “Fascist organizations must be disbanded”

Nicola Fratoianni, secretary of the Italian Left and parliamentarian of the Green Left Alliance, is also harsh: “If you say ‘Long live anti-fascist Italy’ after the national anthem in a theater hall – he writes on Facebook – Digos will come and identify you. Neo-fascist rallies have been taking place for years.” If you organize a Roman salute and praise fascism, everything is fine. This pantomime attack has been going on for a very long time. The governorship will have to explain why it gave permission and why no one intervened and was not detected. Neo-fascist organizations must be closed down immediately. As our Constitution states, Italian By vote of the Parliament”.

5 Star Movement filed a complaint with the Rome prosecutor’s office

The 5 Star Movement, through Deputy Head of Department Sergio Costa, will file a complaint with the Rome Prosecutor’s Office to identify crimes committed during the commemoration of Acca Larentia, including apologizing to fascism. Deputy Stefania Ascari said, “The apology of fascism is against the fundamental principles of democracy. This is a crime that must be prosecuted. Minister Piantedosi and the right in the government are making their voices heard and condemning this shame.”

Forza Italia: “Clear and irrevocable condemnation”

The criticism also comes from the moderate part of the centre-right majority: “The images speak for themselves – Chamber vice-president and Forza Italia MP Giorgio Mulè explains – and there is no possibility of being wrong: this is an event to be condemned without any buts or buts. Anti-fascism is not a prayer to be recited every day “It is a prerequisite for being part of the Republic, which is a civil society. And I am proud to be part of such a movement. Forza Italia is proudly anti-fascist. The judiciary will consider any crime, but the politically imposed sentence is clear and irreversible”.

Rampelli (Fdi): “We have nothing to do with Roman greetings”

Trying to defuse the controversy, Chamber vice-president and Fratelli d’Italia deputy Fabio Rampelli was present at the official commemoration ceremony in front of Acca, together with the president of the Lazio region, Francesco Rocca. Larentia headquarters says: “Our presence has nothing to do with the demonstration in the evening or at night. Fratelli d’Italia has nothing to do with it but not from now on. We do not participate in such demonstrations, we have even put forward two alternatives, because 46 years ago it was barbaric “Let’s definitely not forget the memory of the three murdered children.”

Source: Today IT