Salvini chooses Vannacci for 2024 European elections

Matteo Salvini, unlike Giorgia Meloni, will not be a candidate in the European elections: “I will continue to be a minister,” he told Nicola Porro during the TV program Fourth Republic. His communications strategy, which has been clear for some time, is to present himself as a “doing” minister who is too busy working on bridges, roads and railways to participate in election campaigns. Who knows, if the allies encounter an unexpected obstacle, it could help at the consensus level in the coming months.

But the real news is that doubts about the leading candidates in the June elections are fading. The Northern League leader actually announced that General Roberto Vannacci could realistically be on the League list: “Thank you for your thoughts and trust, I will consider it calmly, it turns out that I am on this list for now.” The general author, who made headlines last summer with his controversial book “The World Has Been Turned Upside Down,” says he is “a soldier.”

The general’s great leap from camouflage to politics has always remained an unconfirmed hypothesis to this day. Until yesterday, the person in question had assured that he wanted to continue being a soldier in his new position as Chief of General Staff of the Land Operations Forces Command. And negotiations on claims for compensation in case of an unsuccessful election have already been rejected. However, the Union’s deputy secretary, Andrea Crippa, had been repeating for some time that “their ideas are the ideas of the Northern Union”. Salvini’s dramatic opening means that something is really moving. In a few days the picture will become clear.

Source: Today IT