Violent argument between Briatore and Angelo Bonelli: “He lost his mind”. “Lacks education”

Social duel between Flavio Briatore and ‘Greens and Left Alliance’ MP Angelo Bonelli. The most important issue on the agenda is beach concessions. The one who set the fire ablaze was the parliamentarian who attacked on Facebook the government’s decision to reduce the annual fee that factories must pay to the state by 4.5 percent.

In the circular published by the Ministry of Infrastructure led by Matteo Salvini, the inflation rate recorded last year is taken into account, but the increases paid by consumers with the record increase in the prices of sun loungers and umbrellas are not taken into account.

According to Bonelli, this is “a gift to those who already pay ridiculous fees. Montecarlo resident Santanchè and Briatore’s Twiga, Briatore, pays 20 thousand” euros a year and “invoices 10 million”, argues the MP. Then he adds: “The Meloni government is like Superciuk (a comic book character, ed.): it takes from the poor and gives to the rich.”

Briatore’s first response to Bonelli

The entrepreneur’s response via social media did not take long. And it is poisonous. “Today I discovered that there is an Angelo Benelli, sorry Bonelli, who “attacked Twiga and attacked Briatore because he lives in Monte Carlo.”

“This is crazy, I can also get a residence permit in Kazakhstan, if the companies were in Italy, salaries were paid in Italy and Twiga I employed 180 people. You don’t say this, but you say the company makes money. But how much do companies lose money and not give people jobs?” Imagine how nice it would be.” Then the final move: “Dear Benelli-Bonelli” he attacks Briatore, deliberately confusing his surname, “you must understand one thing: you are good for nothing, you are not even firewood, because you are green wood, it is useless.” , you are no good And I say to everyone who follows me: we should not vote for these people here because they are of no use and cost us money. This will take (Bonelli, ed.) 130, 120. We pay thousands of euros a year to someone who is of no use.

Bonelli: “Only 20 thousand euros for Twiga beach, a gift for those who are millionaires”

An attack of this magnitude could only be followed by an equally harsh response. “Yesterday a guy named Britore, Bratore, maybe Briatore, attacked me, saying that I did not understand anything, because 180 people work at his bathing facility Twiga,” the co-spokesperson of Green Europe explains in a video published on his social account media. “What will happen to the tax office in Monte Carlo, what does it concern us? You see, there is something you don’t understand, Mr. Britore or Bratore or maybe Briatore, it’s not a matter of employing 180 people, welcoming the work, welcoming the work. It’s not a matter of billing 10 million euros and “It’s not that you shouldn’t cut it; the point is that you pay the State only 20 thousand euros a year for Twiga beach, which is a real gift to those who are millionaires, and we find this unacceptable.”

“You say we should support the Meloni government that is doing well. Is it doing well?” Bonelli says again. “The Meloni government wants to privatize and consolidate the last free beaches and preserve the privileges of these swimming facilities, including Briatore and Santanchè. Here they are, the patriots of Fratelli d’Italia, the taxpayer in Montecarlo.”

Briatore: “I have more respect than a waiter.” Counterresponse: “He lacks education.”

But the conflict doesn’t end there. Interviewed by ‘Libero’, Briatore attacked the MP once again. “I discovered that he was also the protector of the ‘gentleman in boots,’” he says, referring to unionist Soumahoro. And then: “Look, I tell you honestly, I respect a waiter who works here much more than the people here.”

Then comes another counter-response, this time entrusted to the ‘Corriere della Sera’: “Seaside resorts pay almost nothing,” argues the MP, “state assets cannot be sold”. Then another side note: “Briatore is a rude person. I was born and raised in Casal Bertone, on the outskirts of Rome. To pay for my studies, I went to pick grapes and tomatoes in Pontina and worked as a waiter in the evenings.”

Source: Today IT