Justice, first ok to say goodbye to abuse of power. Italia viva and Azione are also in favor

First green light for the elimination of the crime of abuse of power. The Senate Justice Committee, committed to examining the Nordio bill that provides for changes to the criminal code, the criminal procedure code, the judicial system and the military system code, concluded voting on the changes presented to article 1 of the text, rejecting the article: with a green light, article 323 of the Penal Code, relating precisely to the crime of abuse of power, is therefore revoked. Tomorrow the issue of transcription of telephone taps, contained in article 2 of the bill, will be addressed. In addition to the majority, Italia viva and Action are also in favor of the parade, while the other opposition parties are against it.

The Keeper of the Seals, Carlo Nordio, expressed “great satisfaction” with “the hope that the remaining part of the bill will also be approved in the shortest possible time”. Nordio then reiterated that “the revocation of this evanescent crime, strongly requested by all administrators of all political parties, will contribute to an acceleration of procedures and will have a favorable impact on the economy”.

The majority also approved a League agenda (initially an amendment, later transformed into an agenda after mediation by the center-right), which obliges the government to “repeal the norm, introduced by the so-called Severino law, which requires the dismissal of public administrators convicted even after the first instance of trial. The objective is to annul a law that goes against our constitutional principles, according to which every citizen is innocent until the final sentence of the third degree. The same act obliges the government to establish a working table for the reorganization of crimes against public administration and an observatory to monitor the effects of the abolition of the crime of abuse of power”, explains member of the Northern League, Manfredi Potenti. Tomorrow the Justice Committee will resume its analysis of the Nordio bill, addressing another issue that could generate fibrillation: article 2, which concerns changes to the code of criminal procedure. Among the rules under analysis, also the issue of transcription of telephone taps .

Source: IL Tempo