New missiles from Italy to defend Kiev and Crosetto: “We must be realistic, seek peace now”

“In line with the commitments undertaken and in line with matters to be further agreed upon in international forums involving NATO and the European Union, as well as Italy, we will continue to provide support to the Ukrainian government authorities, also through the transfer of vehicles, materials and military equipment”. This is the Parliament This is what we read in the majority resolution on the war in Ukraine, approved in , and exemplified by Defense Minister Guido Crosetto.

Among the commitments included in the document, which was approved with 190 votes in favour, 49 against and 60 abstentions, is “exerting diplomatic efforts in all fields, including being the rotating chairman of the G7 Group”. “To eliminate the conflicts and suffering of the Ukrainian people and to achieve a just, lasting and balanced peace that restores world security and order in accordance with international law” and “to continue diplomatic efforts on all platforms, including being the current chairman of the G7 Group” “Ukraine “with the aim of putting an end to the conflict and suffering of its people”, will continue to guarantee them health care and will “provide support for the entire economic, social, political and institutional restructuring and restart the initiatives of the Ukrainian people in full synergy with the intentions of the European Union and Western allies”. The Montecitorio assembly also approved resolutions submitted by +Europa, Azione and Italia Viva, as well as the Democratic Party. Documents submitted by the 5 Star Movement and the Green Left Alliance demanding a halt to arms shipments to Kiev were rejected.

Crosetto: “Ukraine’s counterattack did not produce the desired results”

“Unfortunately, Ukraine’s counter-offensive in the summer did not produce the desired results and Kiev’s army faces a new winter of war – Russia seems determined to aim mainly for a conflict of attrition and shows no signs of weakening,” the minister said, speaking in the hall. For Putin, time and deaths do not matter, and this also shows the difference between autocracy and democracy. Moscow supported the war effort by bypassing Western sanctions and through negotiations with North Korea, India and China, as well as the strong presence of the private sector. The belief that in the long run, Western public opinion will tire and there will be divisions among the countries supporting Kiev. In this sense, the impact that the next elections may have on the USA and Europe is inevitable.”

What is meant here is the European elections in June, which could see the advance of pro-Russian political forces, as well as the US presidential elections in November, with the possible return of Donald Trump. Crosetto explained: “The challenges of the Ukrainian counteroffensive include the presence of extensive minefields (the number of mines the Russians used to protect their positions is estimated at over 8 million) and the numerical and air superiority of Moscow’s forces.”

+Europa, Azione and Italia Viva’s decision: “300 billion Russian banking assets were frozen in Kiev”

“+In the joint decision of Europa, Azione and Italia Viva we also included the point of frozen bank assets of Russia: There are $300 billion between the EU and the G7 countries alone. Knowing that this is a sensitive issue, international Law must always be respected, these assets “We believe that these dollar reserves should be transferred to Ukraine. It is our duty to find a way to deliver these resources to Ukraine.” This was said by +European MEP Benedetto Della Vedova, who spoke during the debate. “I would like to express – he continued – that I have an absolutely positive assessment of Minister Crosetto’s communications regarding the conflict in Ukraine – the Meloni government is acting in continuity with the Draghi government. The fact that this war has lasted for two years does not make it any less unfair, less bloody, more “Less violence does not reduce the attack on the values ​​of freedom and democracy. And we have no right to get tired, we cannot afford to lose the war of information and disinformation,” he said.

Back and forth with M5S and Avs: “I’d like to help without a gun but I don’t understand how”

During the debate, many MPs, especially from the 5 Star Movement and the Green Left Alliance, objected to the executive’s line, which exemplified the actions of the two parties calling for a halt to arms shipments, in line with the line of previous governments. Grillino Deputy Arnaldo Lomuti said, “It is absurd and risky to continue thinking today, ignoring the new reality on the battlefield. Today, Ukraine, unlike Russia, is tired and weak, and if the war continues, it will get worse.” speech. “What is the point of risking this catastrophic outcome for Ukraine and Europe for another year and the loss of tens of thousands of Ukrainian lives? What is the point of insisting on following the failed military path and sending weapons instead? Choosing the diplomatic solution before it is too late is the hope of the people of Ukraine and Europe.” “The only prudent choice in their interests is to ask for an immediate ceasefire as the first step towards the start of negotiations between the parties. Stop sending weapons, let’s send peace mediators, let’s send negotiators.”

The demand to stop sending weapons to Kiev was also included in the proposal submitted by the Green-Left Alliance; In this proposal, the government is committed to “stop the transfer of weapons and materials to the Ukrainian authorities and concentrate resources on humanitarian aid and security issues.” “At the same time, restructuring through increasing and financing civilian peacekeeping projects, promoting political and diplomatic action that achieves the goal of an immediate ceasefire and creates the conditions for a peace process in a multilateral context, with Italy and the European Union leading the way.”

Minister Crosetto’s response reiterated the government line that led to the sending of the eighth military aid package: “I would like to understand how I can help a country defend itself by stopping 300 bombs a day and thousands of tanks standing ready at the border,” he explained. I would like to provide any kind of help that does not even include a slingshot, but today I cannot see any other possibility. We call the kindergarten a defense system when a missile is about to hit. This is a weapon that can stop him, but it serves to protect the shelter. I wish there was no need for the ninth package, then the tenth package of military aid, the eighth was the last one, and the one after that was the humanitarian aid package. , useful for rebuilding schools and hospitals”.

“I asked Israel to stop bombing civilians”

Reacting to some interventions, the Minister of Defense in his response talked about the war between Israel and Hamas, which caused the death of thousands of people in Gaza, mostly children: “I am making this about the demand to stop the bombs falling every day to Palestinian civilians, not in the newspapers, but to my Israeli colleague. They are the first aid “We were among those who sent it, and we will continue to do so because we have taken on the responsibility of doing the right thing, which is never easy.” he said and explained.

Graziano (PD): “Humanitarian support is also needed”

“It is necessary to support the Ukrainian people, including from a humanitarian perspective.” Stefano Graziano, leader of the Democratic Party in the defense commission, shows in the Montecitorio parliament the motion of Elly Schlein’s party to approve military aid and ask the government to focus its efforts on diplomatic actions and humanitarian aid. “Let’s start from February 4, 2022: There is the aggressor, there is Russia, and unfortunately there is Ukraine, which was attacked. Then, the scenario changed with the American elections, what happened in Israel and Gaza. But we, as the Democratic Party, come from the Democratic Party. At first, there was no We condemned the merciless Russian invasion. Draghi’s government intervened with immediate support for Ukraine. We need us, Italy and Europe, because by invading Ukraine Russia violated a fundamental element, namely Article 51 of the Convention. United Nations “The condition,” he explained. The Dem MP then attacked the executive: “Europe is missing – continues Graziano – and Italy is missing a leading role, a role that could have been built differently, starting a year ago, with strong diplomatic action towards the peace process. But it is missing. Italian The perspective on how the government will intervene and establish a just and lasting peace is also missing. We must work for a common European defense, this is essential to achieve a united reconstruction process. We must work to build. The condition for achieving a just and secure peace. We cannot ignore that the biggest difficulty of this government is that its main ally is Orban, who is obstructing the EU.

Source: Today IT