Apostolic Case, the Public Ministry closes: there is no dossier. The left’s obsession with Salvini

A new and very heavy door in the face. Nothing cosmic turned into politics. A kind of record, the one that the Italian left is collecting. Because you need talent to never get it right. Not even by mistake. Yet another demonstration of an opposition built on whipped cream comes from the archive of the so-called Apostolic case. There was no file in the video that portrays the judge originally from Cassino participating with her husband in the demonstration at the port of Catania, in August 2018, to call for the disembarkation of immigrants from the Diciotti ship. The images, and this is the central point of yesterday’s statement, did not come from police files, nor from any confidential bank. This is the conclusion of the Catania Public Prosecutor’s Office, which closed the investigation opened ninety days ago. The case was archived because “the fact does not constitute a crime, as these are not images taken from police files”.

According to what emerged from the investigations, the video was filmed, with his private cell phone, and not for official reasons, by a police officer on duty that day. The soldier later disclosed it in a private chat. These images did not leave the state archives. No elusive and deviant secret service delivered these images to Minister Salvini, the first to disseminate them through social media. Nothing Spectre, essentially. «After weeks of mud and insinuations, it turns out that the famous video that immortalized a Catania judge in the far-left square against Matteo Salvini was not the result of dossiers – we read in a note from the League – Another masterpiece of the media of left-wing media, that is, the majority of Italian media, who created an uproar to attack Salvini and hide the news of a judge in the middle of a crowd who insulted the police.”

The leader of the group in the Chamber of Brothers of Italy, Tommaso Foti, also spoke on the topic. «The archiving by the Catania Public Prosecutor’s Office of the process that aimed to verify the existence of a hypothetical dossier against the Apostolic Judge confirms what we had said immediately: it was nothing more than the miserable attempt, devoid of any content, to try to divert attention from the public opinion legitimately astonished and outraged by the attitude taken by the aforementioned judge during a public demonstration. A storm in a teacup raised by the left-wing opposition to hide the core of the story: the judge’s participation in a demonstration that challenged the actions of that State for which he served and continues to serve. The attempt by the Democratic Party and the Five Star Movement, in particular, to discredit September also failed miserably: in her ruling, judge Iolanda Apostolico disqualified the Cutro decree from the actions of police officers on duty, accusing them of anomalous behavior. and to whom, as Brothers of Italy, we reiterate our maximum support: the opposition should apologize to them.”

To remember the casus belli it is necessary to take a step back about three months. It was September 30th when Catania court judge Iolanda Apostolico dismissed the so-called Cutro decree and accepted the appeal of a Tunisian migrant, who disembarked on September 20th in Lampedusa and was taken to the new center of Pozzallo. A case that immediately raised a hornet’s nest of controversy, which became even more heated after the publication of a video that portrayed the mantos participating in a demonstration in 2018, in which the extreme left called for the disembarkation of migrants from the Diciotti ship. The League immediately asked for Iolanda Apostolico’s resignation, raising the doubt that the principle of impartiality had been missing in the September 30 sentence. The left, as always, defended him with all their strength and pointed the finger at what the Democrats defined as the “State dossier”. Explanation denied first by logic, now also by the Judiciary itself.

Source: IL Tempo