Pd, Calenda attacks Schlein: “Terror of moving away from the M5S”. The backstory

Carlo Calenda does not send a message to Elly Schlein and the entire Democratic Party. The former minister and current leader of Action puts the Democrats in a tailspin, warning left-wing voters in particular about the armed race by the PD and the 5-Star Movement: “On Tuesday we worked to try to reach a common resolution between the Pd, Action, +Europe and Italy alive. It was a deal made. After that, the next morning, the Democratic leadership heard the call of the Five Star forest and the single movement failed. Schlein and the Democratic leadership are afraid of distancing themselves politically from M5S. Thus falls the last taboo. The Democratic Party votes to abstain on an unworthy Five Star resolution that calls for the cessation of all support for Ukraine, precisely at a time when not only are Russian attacks intensifying, but Kiev has a gigantic problem of ammunition. Giuseppe Conte wants to leave them literally disarmed and the PD leadership is adhering to the 5-Star line.”

According to Calenda, interviewed by Corriere della Sera, «over these six months I saw this in a whole series of dossiers in which we tried to collaborate with the Democratic Party, as is right to do, given that we are together in the opposition, in the end everything went wrong because , according to the Democratic leadership, “if there is no agreement between the 5 Stars”, and there was not, “the agreement will not be made”. I tried again to propose a common competitiveness and growth project, where the government does nothing, but here too nothing can be done if the M5S is not at the table, and Five Stars and competitiveness are two words that I cannot stand together. Moral of the story, the current Democratic leadership excludes itself from any collaboration with the liberal-democratic area for the simple reason that it always has to ask the Movement for permission.”

Basically, the Democratic Party is totally dependent on the M5S: «You cannot build an alternative government if above all – Calenda thunders – you advance with the ‘but also’, in such a way that the Democratic Party is with Ukraine, but also with the M5S which is against Ukraine. It doesn’t seem like a winning strategy to me, given that the M5S is catching up with the Democratic Party in the polls. But what those who vote Democrat must know is that all the proposals we made on growth, development, health and schools ended in nothing, although the Democratic Party agreed, due to the no of the 5 Star Movement, which at that time even blocked the Democrats.”

Source: IL Tempo