Omnibus, Fabio Rampelli hits Schlein: “Embarrassing lies about Acca Larentia”

“The paucity of these considerations is embarrassing.” Fabio Rampelli hits Elly Schlein. The vice-president of the Chamber of Deputies, a guest on Omnibus da La 7, responds to the secretary of the Democratic Party who questioned him about the Acca Larentia case. “The falsity of the reconstructions is embarrassing,” he says when asked by Alessandra Sardoni to respond to Schlein’s accusations – “We at Acca Larentia. We have always been there and it would be very serious if we did not continue to do so and we will – specifies the deputy of the Brothers of Italy – there, however, the main news is that three boys were killed like animals by a communist commando who had to train to do the his entry into the Red Brigades”. Then the reference to the investigations into Acca Larentia: “In these 46 years there has been no effective investigation, there has been no identification of the culprits despite the machine gun with which these young men may have been massacred – Rampelli emphasizes – it was the same as that of Moro’s kidnapping.” The leader of Giorgia Meloni’s party group then recalled in his defense the proposal to create a parliamentary commission of inquiry “not to reopen the investigations – he explains – but at least to arrive at the historical truth”. Who gave these weapons of war, kilos of TNT, machine guns, who gave them to young people aged 16, 17, 18?”

Then, a clarification about the meeting that commemorates the massacre every year: “The Brothers of Italy and the right-wing parliamentary parties prior to the Brothers of Italy have not managed Acca Larentia for at least thirty years – remember – it was 27 years since than those who later founded the Fratelli d’Italia and decided not to have anything to do with that demonstration.” Rampelli and Fratelli d’Italia always decided to “go in the morning and place flower cushions to remember these children”. A celebration held “always exclusively by the young people of Gioventù Nazionale, Azione Giovani, Fratelli d’Italia, Alleanza Nazionale who made very clear choices of discontinuity in relation to fascism, neo-fascism”. Finally, the last attack on the secretary of the Democratic Party: “Another lie from Schlein is the assault carried out by Forza Nuova on the CGIL headquarters – Rampelli puts the secretary on hold – where we personally went to the CGIL headquarters to present our solidarity, our friendship to Landini and the CGIL trade unionists”.

Source: IL Tempo