Government, Meloni eliminates left-wing controversies: “Respond with facts and results”

Giorgia Meloni is attacked on several fronts by the left, but she is not worried about controversy and uses social media to respond to all her opponents. With all due respect to the owls, the country did not fall into the abyss after the center-right government took power and even the most recent economic data supports the work of Meloni and her men. The Prime Minister took the opportunity to silence all opposition criticism with a message that appeared on his to respond with facts and results. Particularly satisfied with the latest ISTAT results which attest to the positive signs in terms of work, with unemployment falling and employment increasing by more than 500 thousand units in one year. Encouraging data that drives us to do better, with concrete policies to cut taxes for workers, help those who produce wealth and those who create jobs.” “For an Italy that starts again through merit and growth”, Meloni’s final motto.

Source: IL Tempo