More than 10 people are under investigation due to Acca Larentia meeting

Last Sunday, the Rome Prosecutor’s Office launched an investigation into the greetings of Romans in front of the former MSI headquarters in Via Acca Larentia, during the commemoration ceremony held in memory of three young people killed 46 years ago. There are more than 10 people under investigation for allegedly defending fascism. Investigators examining the footage determined that approximately 150 people attended the demonstration.

From Schlein to Rampelli: Political reactions

Meanwhile, even though the days have passed, the political debates do not end. “Neofascist organizations must be disbanded. The right continues to hold on to some realities of the past. La Russa’s words in the Roman salute are an insult to those who form the resistance. There must be anti-fascism” is a value accepted in the Parliament. Meloni is on a mission to distance himself from the past. He spoke for 3 hours at the press conference, 10 seconds is enough for him to declare that he is anti-fascist.” Returning to the story of the Acca Larentia meeting, Elly Schlein expressed this and added: “Meloni must answer for his past to the country, not to us.”

However, Fabio Rampelli once again sidesteps the issue of anti-fascism: “We are waiting for the Italian left to declare itself anti-communist. Who knows whether this will happen?” explained FDI’s vice president. Omnibus broadcast on La7 – Here is a history of Europe to which we belong. “Europe has suffered from communism, it is our duty to declare ourselves anti-communist.”

Source: Today IT