It’s about Sardinia, and the League proposes the third term law

The issue of choosing a candidate for governor in Sardinia still keeps people nervous, even if optimism is publicly professed. However, yesterday morning it appeared that the resolution of the issue had been accelerated at the summit in Palazzo Chigi, attended by Giorgia Meloni, Matteo Salvini and Antonio Tajani. Instead, in the afternoon League sources were in charge of explaining that “there was no lunch between the directors or meetings to talk about administrative matters”. As the Prime Minister stated, in fact, it was simply a prolonged meeting in which Undersecretary Alfredo Mantovano and Minister of the Interior Matteo Piantedosi were also present to take stock of the migrants’ dossier.

The parties therefore still remain in their initial positions, with the FdI supporting Cagliari mayor Paolo Truzzu’s candidacy for governor and the League intending to confirm outgoing president Christian Solinas. In statements to the press, a positive solution is proposed. Tajani recognizes that there is “a problem in relation to Sardinia” and adds: “The FdI and the League are discussing and I believe that in the end an agreement will be reached, as has always happened. We are convinced that Bardi is the best candidate for Basilicata.” The reference to Basilicata is not a coincidence, since the choice of the candidate in Sardinia could also have repercussions in other Regions. For days now, the League has emphasized that all governors outgoing parties must be supported, otherwise everything will be called into question. The party, however, also specifies that the «Liga confirms the optimism and is certain that the center-right will find an agreement, as has always happened and as Salvini has already highlighted» . Meanwhile, statements from the leader of the group in the Chamber, Tommaso Foti, arrive from the FdI front: “You will see that everything will be resolved in the end”. How? “In the sense that we have already given, for example in Sicily”, where Renato Schifani replaced Nello Musumeci An alternation between an FdI exponent and a Forza Italia exponent.

The bill presented in the Chamber by the League and which bears the signature of Alberto Stefani, deputy and secretary of the Liga Veneta, to increase the governors’ term limits from two to three also messes up the cards. The objective is to “improve the work of government officials and give citizens the possibility of freely choosing who represents them, in line with the democratic system”. The regional presidents who could be affected by this bill are Luca Zaia in Veneto, Giovanni Toti in Liguria, Massimiliano Fedriga in Friuli Venezia Giulia, Attilio Fontana in Lombardy, but also center-left governors such as Vincenzo De Luca in Campania and Stegano Bonaccini in Emilia Romagna. These are all administrations that will vote later. The first to be called to the polls this year are the citizens of Sardinia (February 25), Abruzzo (March 10), Abruzzo, Basilicata and Piedmont. In these last three cases, the date has not yet been defined. With regard to the possibility of authorizing a third term by law, it should be noted the opposition of Forza Italia, reiterated yesterday by Maurizio Gasparri: «We are against mayors and local administrators, except for small municipalities, perhaps which have 300-400 inhabitants and struggle to find candidates.” At the same time as we discussed the regional elections, we also looked closely at the European elections on June 9. Yesterday morning Salvini brought together the parliamentary groups. After asking governors and members of the executive to personally come into field, he anticipated that he will ask some deputies and senators to compete in the electoral dispute. The two leaders of the groups, Massimiliano Romeo and Riccardo Molinari, should not worry. The names circulating are those of Alberto Bagnai, Francesco Bruzzone and Mirco Carloni.

Source: IL Tempo