Florence, Matteo Renzi’s maneuvers with the Democratic Party. What’s behind the rapprochement

A game of balances. An unpredictable perspective until a few days ago, which opens up new scenarios. Local and, above all, national. The Democratic Party is literally terrified of the possibility of losing Florence in June, Tuscany in 2025. A dramatic future for the Democrats who, urged by the far-sighted governor Eugenio Giani, opened the door to Matteo Renzi. According to some rumors, the draft agreement would provide for the support, in the first round, of Sara Funaro as mayor. The vice-mayor’s seat would go to Italia Viva, which would be occupied (in case of victory) by the former undersecretary Gabriele Toccafondi or by Francesco Casini, current mayor of neighboring Bagno a Ripoli. A pact that would allow the center-left to fight the battle against the center-right from a position of clear advantage. But this brings with it a very evident series of contradictions. Renzi, for months, thundered against Dario Nardella (about the fines and the stadium, about the management of the Kata case and about security) and loudly called for primaries to be held. Can you turn back without paying a substantial toll at the voting booth? Could Stefania Saccardi, deputy governor of Tuscany, be introduced with great fanfare to the city and the press and then be dismissed as a last-minute sympathizer? But above all: does Renzi really want to give up the possibility of contributing to the downfall of Elly Schlein?

Because, if in the European elections the Democrats do not exceed 20% and lose even the last of the strong reds, the defenestration of the woman with three passports and her replacement by Paolo Gentiloni would essentially be a given. Obviously. Among Democrats, not everyone trusts this new rapprochement with IV. “I would be very cautious – a leader of the local Democratic Party tells us – Renzi, maybe I’m wrong, is using us to make the center-right understand that he is indispensable to win in Florence. He wants to come to an agreement, for local time, maybe national time tomorrow. On the other hand, in justice the positions of Renzi and Meloni are substantially the same.”

Source: IL Tempo