PD, anti-fascist rally in Florence. Few gifts, after half an hour it melts

A resounding failure. Disappointing numbers (for organizers), despite the presence of local Democratic Party leaders. Florence responds unequivocally to the demonstration organized yesterday afternoon by the Democrats against the Roman commemoration of Acca Larentia. A loud and clear message addressed to the progressive trombones: no, there is no danger of a return of fascism. And if it is the citizens of one of the last red forts who say so (indirectly), the future of the Democratic Party, even on the banks of the Arno, seems anything but serene. However, despite the implacable result (only one hundred and twenty people present), the statements of some left-wing exponents continued to be as bold as they always were. Light years away from the everyday reality experienced by Italians. «Those of Acca Larentia are horrible images, which went around the world – declared deputy Simona Bonafé -. Disturbing images, we are here because we don’t want to remain silent and we don’t want to pretend that nothing happened. We wonder why the Prime Minister, who found time to talk about Chiara Ferragni’s pandor, did not find time to denounce what happened in Acca Larentia. Well, for us to wink at this world is not acceptable.”

All the interventions that followed pointed the finger at the right-wing government. It doesn’t matter that important leaders of the Brothers of Italy (Ignazio La Russa and Giovanni Donzelli in the first place) have explained, in these last three days, the sidereal distances between the two hundred nostalgics with outstretched arms and the moderates of the majority who support the executive guided by Giorgia Meloni. Yesterday’s demonstration was also attended by the candidate for mayor Sara Funaro (choice of the empire by the local secretariat, completely bypassing the primaries loudly requested by Cecilia Del Re and Matteo Renzi himself), four councilors from the Democratic Party and three councilors regional. «Today it is a very important garrison. We are here to say no to all manifestations of neo-fascism, to all manifestations of intolerance. Never before at this historic moment has it been essential to make your voice heard, out loud, in institutions.”

Does everyone agree to consider the imminent fascist danger, to be waved as a winning theme to rise first in the polls and then at the polls? Not so. An important representative of the Democrat, confidentially, expressed his dissent to us. «In this square there is no real country, one worried about gas bills, jobs or home mortgages that have skyrocketed. I remain convinced that these people should be sanctioned, let’s be clear. Because in 2024, anyone who still praises Mussolini is not acceptable. We in the Democratic Party think we can recover Italy with these slogans, but if we are not careful we risk losing Florence in June too. Especially if the center-right actually nominates Eike Schmidt.” Having started at 4:40 pm, after just half an hour, disconsolate by the poor turnout, the organizers of the demonstration ordered to “break ranks”.

Source: IL Tempo