Pensions, the government’s promise on reform: we will reach Quota 41

«We have not given up on abolishing the Fornero law, we are getting closer. We will carry out pension reform over a decade, encouraging people to continue working in sectors where there is a need. And encouraging people to leave with 41 years of contributions to the rest.” The framework of the pension system is outlined by the Undersecretary of Labor, Claudio Durigon, in an interview with La Repubblica. «The center-right has always found the square. And so it will be this time too. In pensions, it will be a key year”, he guarantees, stressing that the reform will be “sustainable for the accounts and for the job market, flexible and lasting”.

«There are no reforms forever. Our objective is to guide the next ten years – promises Durigon -. We will make Cota 41 the flagship of the League.” The abolition of the Fornero law “remains our political objective. A law that came into force overnight created exoduses and undermined workers’ rights. Erasing it would require enormous resources. We corrected it with safeguards by emptying the basins with quotas. With the reforms we will carry out and with the gradual reduction in the weight of salary pensions, this law will also die.” «The issue of life expectancy – continues the representative of the Northern League – must be evaluated carefully. We at the League have already blocked it a Meanwhile, we will implement Quota 41 with the recalculation of contributions as a possibility of choice.” And, he emphasizes, the cut “will be minimal, because over time the portion of the salary to be recalculated is smaller and smaller”.

For Durigon, «pension flexibility cannot be considered before 41 years of payments. We will help young people and companies fill career gaps and restore their formative years with incentives. We will also promote the provision of supplementary pensions. The real urgency is the mismatch, companies look for profiles and don’t find them.” The pension reform thus becomes a labor reform: «We have more than half a million unfilled vacancies. In sectors like healthcare, where there is a labor shortage, we must encourage people to stay.”

Source: IL Tempo