La Russa on Shoah Memorial skips anti-fascism question

“Don’t demean these events with these things.” This is how Senate President Ignazio La Russa responded to a reporter who asked him if his presence at the Shoah Memorial in Milan with Senator Liliana Segre made him feel a little anti-fascist.

The Second State Chamber followed the visit of the extraordinary Commission to combat intolerance, racism, anti-Semitism and incitement to hatred and violence, under the leadership of Segre, at Platform 21 between 1943 and 1943. In 1945, thousands of Jews and political opponents were loaded onto freight wagons and deported to Auschwitz – Birkenau, Mauthausen and other extermination camps.

La Russa: “What happened is pure evil”

“I thank Senator Segre for the great opportunity he has given us all to experience this event and this moment with passion, with pain, with a thought aimed at eliminating the indifference that he rightly wanted to underline in his speech.” La Russa said the following during his speech.

“An indifference promoted by those who want to reserve this tragic fate for those sent to extermination camps and who know that they cannot achieve their goals if indifference disappears,” he explained. What happened was shadowless. There is no doubt that there is absolute evil, so thank you for giving us this living testimony that is more valuable than any other way of remembering these dramatic events. I used the freedom to prepare a plaque announcing Article 3 of our Constitution, which everyone should know. thank God and says: ‘All citizens have equal social dignity and are equal before the law, without distinction of sex, race, language, religion, political opinion, personal and social circumstances.’ I believe that victory over evil will start from these. “Words that we should always keep as a handbook of the right path and try to be worthy of them every day,” he concluded.

Segre: “Russian anti-fascist? Ask him”

“I’m not the old lady here anymore, I’m the one who entered here to be deported. I’ve never forgotten that.” Senator Liliana Segre told this to the journalists present, and responded to those who asked why La Russa was trying so hard to declare himself an anti-fascist with a dry “ask him.”

The Senate president’s “escape” was not missed by Democratic Party MP Alessandro Zan, who commented on social media: “We did not even do this on Platform 21, in front of Senator Segre.” Ignazio La Russa manages to define himself as an anti-fascist. “As President of the Senate, the second highest office in the state, how shameful it is that institutions are devalued.”

Source: Today IT