Regional elections, the League does not give up. Deadlock in Sardinia

Regionals play in center right is not unlocked. In Sardinia the symbols were presented but there is still no unitary candidacy. The Brothers of Italy advance on the mayor of Cagliari Truzzu, while the outgoing Solinas – supported by the “former Lombards” – have not taken a step back. The issue of Basilicata is also on the table: Forza Italia defends Bardi’s departure while the League leaks that there is no news about the Regional dossier, with the Via Bellerio party not intending to divide the center-right, but intending to maintain two candidacies in the Regions where people vote this year (in addition to Solinas, Donatella Tesei’s mandate in Umbria is expiring). «Solinas didn’t govern badly, but we think Truzzu can do better, I’m optimistic», highlights the Minister of Agriculture, Lollobrigida, in statements to journalists. “An agreement will be reached,” he adds, noting that tensions in Sicily in the past have also dissolved. The thesis is that IDE has always been generous with its allies. “It’s not that we are asking for the impossible” and in any case “apart from the Sardinia issue, there were no municipalities where we had problems. All agreements were concluded very simply,” he argues.

Meanwhile, yesterday Salvini gathered his people: low tones, dialogue with allies, the League always remains collaborative but mutual respect is necessary in the coalition and above all the territories cannot be penalized, is the reasoning of the deputy prime minister and Minister of Infrastructure, as reported by some participants in the meeting. At the meeting of the League’s federal council, the topic of regional elections and the dossier relating to the third term were also discussed, explain parliamentary sources from the Northern League. In addition to party secretary Via Bellerio, among others, deputy Crippa and some regional presidents spoke at the Federal Council. Salvini would have stressed that it is an error of judgment not to reappoint the outgoing regional presidents, but he also hoped that a synthesis would be found in the center-right, starting with the Sardinian node. Regarding resistance to the approval of the second term, the governors highlighted that the risk is that of interrupting the work carried out in the territories. And they expressed doubts about the fact that the stoppage was not coming from the left, but rather from the center-right allies. During the meeting, there were those who did not hide their dissatisfaction with the attitude of the remaining coalition forces on this point, highlighting the importance of remaining united and not acting for their own benefit. During the meeting, the regional presidents themselves, it was noted, highlighted that reflection was needed on the possibility of participating in the European Championships. The possibility of his candidacy was expected by the secretary himself. The governors – especially those re-elected for one year – highlighted how the appreciation they enjoy is linked to the credibility gained in the area. A banner candidacy for a position in Strasbourg that they would not fill – the reasoning goes – could not be understood by voters and could become counterproductive.

Source: IL Tempo