A record number of immigrants entered the EU in 2023; 2 out of 5 are in Italy

Frontex confirmed that 2023 was a year with a record number of migrant outflows. However, in the just concluded year, the number of irregular crossings detected at the EU’s external borders reached 380 thousand, an increase of +17 percent. Compared to 2022. These are the highest figures recorded since 2016.

Driving the numbers was the Central Mediterranean route, where two out of every five arrivals (41 percent) took place, with 157,479 detections (+ 49 percent compared to 2022).

Frontex confirms bullish trend

According to the statement of the European Border Protection Agency, the increase at the EU level in 2023 continues the significant upward trend observed in the last three years. The second most traveled route was the Western Balkans (99,068, 26 percent of the total, down 31 percent). 60,073 (+55 percent) were recorded in the Eastern Mediterranean; Western Mediterranean 16,915 (+12 percent).

Arrivals to the Canary Islands increased sharply, reaching an all-time record (40,403, +161 percent). The number of irregular departures into the UK fell to 62,047 (-12 per cent), while there were 5,608 irregular crossings (-12 per cent) at the eastern land border. The Central Mediterranean route towards Italy is dominated by citizens of Guinea, Tunisia and Ivory Coast; Mostly Syrian, Turkish and Afghan citizens come from the Balkans in the northeast of Italy. Frontex’s count is about crossings, not numbers of people: if a person tries to cross the external border repeatedly at different points, they can be counted multiple times. As always, refugees from war-torn Ukraine who benefit from temporary protection in the EU are not counted.

Source: Today IT