Green homes, EU directive is postponed. Longer deadlines: zero emissions by 20250

The European Parliament’s Industry Committee gave the green light to modify the directive on green homes, which makes the deadlines for achieving the zero emissions objective less stringent. A target that moves to 2050. As far as boilers are concerned, however, the definitive goodbye to those powered by fossil fuels extends until 2040. The political forces that constitute the majority in Italy are rejoicing. «The danger avoided thanks to us», states the League, while Fratelli d’Italia emphasizes: «This victory in Europe was obtained thanks to the Meloni government». The European Parliament committee expressed its opinion with 38 votes in favor, 20 against and 6 abstentions. With this vote, the agreement reached during the December 7th trialogue is approved. The Trilogue is a meeting between representatives of the European Commission, the Council and the Parliament, which serves to reach an agreement more quickly on certain topics within the scope of the ordinary legislative procedure. The original draft directive, as it emerged from the Commission chaired by Ursula von der Leyen, in fact, established much shorter and stricter deadlines that the Italian government has always harshly criticized. That’s why the center-right now says it’s satisfied.

The community executive project dates from 2021 and was the subject of fierce and tense negotiations. The aim is to raise the energy standards of real estate assets in all states in the Union, as buildings are responsible for approximately 40% of Europe’s energy consumption and 36% of its CO2 emissions. Thanks to the work of negotiators, it was possible to meet the requests of critical countries such as Italy. The main changes are those we have already mentioned. The initial structure of the directive does not change, according to which from 2030 all new residential buildings must be built with zero emissions. For the public, the year 2028 will have to be respected. The extension of the adaptation obligation, until 2050, concerns existing properties. Special exemptions will apply to buildings, such as historic or agricultural.

The part regarding the farewell to boilers that use fossil fuels is also important. The deadline is postponed by 5 years, from 2035 to 2040. All subsidies for autonomous boilers will have to expire as early as 2025. The League explains that thanks to the changes obtained «each Member State will enjoy more reasonable deadlines for renovation, even if some critical issues remain in an initiative resulting from the Green Deal ideology, starting with the renovation costs which, in a country with a particular real estate context like ours, where the houses are mostly owned, will still be heavy and fall on an already problematic public debt situation. We will continue to keep our guard up: Italians’ homes cannot be touched.” Although the leader of the group in the FdI Chamber, Tommaso Foti, is keen to emphasize that, “as desired by the Meloni government and the Fratelli d’Italia, a hidden asset that would have burdened the Italians is avoided”.

Source: IL Tempo