Solinas out, Giorgia Meloni could ‘snatch’ Sardinia from Matteo Salvini

The order to confiscate assets worth 350 thousand euros against Sardinian president Christian Solinas, who is under corruption investigation by the Cagliari prosecutor’s office, falls like a rock on the negotiating table for the center-right regional election candidacy. The person concerned, as expected, shouts about the conspiracy: “He himself explained: There are two important elements of this investigation: the first is the timing; it is being carried out four days after the lists were submitted; the head of the centre-right; the other is that since we are in the investigation phase, the investigation should be covered by confidentiality and in the hands of all the media.” “We are talking about documents that are

Supporting the automatic justice thesis is Andrea Crippa, the League’s deputy secretary, who in recent weeks has tried to block the re-nomination of the outgoing governor, with decidedly less-than-exciting results: “Voting is on February 25, and if it’s perfect timing, there will be legal problems for Solinas. Solidarity with the governor and “Good work for the judges who will have to face very busy weeks,” he wrote. The truth is that the fate of the Sardinian president was now sealed and, paradoxically, Cagliari prosecutors almost did Matteo Salvini a favor, providing him with the final excuse to officially hand over the island’s candidacy to Fratelli d’Italia. Make the decisive move and impose on the coalition the candidacy of Paolo Truzzu, mayor of the capital and loyal to Giorgia Meloni.

Why will Salvini abandon Solinas?

Sardinia is one of the disputed regions that the prime minister wants to address to rebalance the coalition and extend his party’s hegemony into regional councils. The Northern League leader understands this and knows very well that he is not in a position to resist for long. “In principle – he said in recent days – for me it is always better to support the outgoing governors, but we will find an agreement in the name of coalition unity”. Time to prepare a declaration full of “responsibility”, which will probably only take a few hours, and poor Christian Solinas will be abandoned to his fate in the corridors of the Cagliari Tribunal: it seems difficult even to “repeat” him at this point. It’s on the charts for Europeans, but never say never.

A game with many unknowns

Of course, there is no big celebration in the Fratelli d’Italia region, some whisper that there are positive polls about Truzzu, but at the moment no one can predict how the events of the last few days will affect public opinion. Apart from the usual divisions of the centre-left, the divisions of “Nino” who has been taking the damn penalty kick for two decades, a lot may depend on what the Sardinian Action Party chooses to do. Recently, there have been rumors that support would be given to the Renato Question if the prime minister’s party wins at the negotiating table.

The region’s former president is backed by a colorful coalition ranging from Rifondazione Comunista (yes, it still exists…) to Italia Viva, but he won’t have to collect signatures, above all with the help of the Sardinian Action Party. and centrists, who will register some council members on lists that support him. This “gesture of generosity” can be read in two ways: choosing a candidate who will take votes from rival Alessandra Todde, who is supported by the Democratic Party and the 5 Star Movement, or breaking away from the center-right and reopening her vote. .

Source: Today IT