League loses Sardinia, centre-right candidate Melonian Truzzu

In the end, Matteo Salvini’s League left Christian Solinas behind. A few hours after the precautionary seizure of the assets and property of the governor of Sardinia in the amount of 350 thousand euros, Carroccio surrendered to the allies of the Brotherhood of Italy, who had been eyeing that seat for some time.

The fate of Solinas, who was involved in a corruption investigation regarding the sale of a property, appeared to have already been sealed before the initiative of the Cagliari prosecutor’s office, although until the takeover the Northern League fans had tried to defend the Sardinian goal tooth and nail.

Andrea Crippa (Lega): “I believe that the candidate will be Truzzu”

“Today the issue needs to be defined. Given the insistence of the Italian Brotherhood, I believe that in the end the candidate will be Paolo Truzzu. I believe, well, it is not closed”. The union’s deputy secretary, Andrea Crippa, speaks to journalists at Transatlantico. He defended the former governor to the bitter end, going so far as to threaten his allies to reopen the table in other regions, but was eventually forced to give in under the blows of Giorgia Meloni, who wanted to take over. Sardinia and the judges at any cost.

Who is Paolo Truzzu?

Born in 1972, classically educated and with a degree in political science, Paolo Truzzu is a true native of Cagliari. Working in the municipality’s purchasing and contracting service, he began his political career as president of the fifth district in Sardinia’s capital. In 2014, he came to the regional council with Fratelli d’Italia, supporting the presidential candidate Ugo Cappellacci, who was defeated by the center-left candidate Francesco Pigliaru by a small number of votes. Very close to Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni, he is part of the group of old loyalists.

That photo with “Trux” written on it, Gad Lerner: “That’s who we’re dealing with”

The Fratelli d’Italia representative, whose candidacy is still unofficial, suddenly finds himself in the middle of a controversy. The animation was made by journalist Gas Lerner, who shared an old photo of Truzzu on social media: “The presidential candidate of the Sardinian Region chosen by Fratelli d’Italia is named Paolo Truzzu and has a beautiful ‘Trux’ tattoo – writes Lerner on his arm. So, who are we dealing with?” to remember.”

The force dates back to 2016, when the regional councilor drew the word “Trux” on his arm to show solidarity with former television commentator and footballer Paolo Di Canio, who was suspended from Sky in those days. The video continued, showing an obvious tattoo on his right bicep that reads “Dux.”

Source: Today IT