Why Italy’s Brothers are attacking (again) Report

There is conflict between the government and the Report again. The program, hosted by Sigfrido Ranucci, attracted the attention of Fratelli d’Italia, who asked questions.

“We ask CEO Roberto Sergio and president Marinella Soldi – we read in a memo from the Fdi group in the Rai Supervisory Commission – whether the repeated use of witnesses making revelations about dead people after several decades is considered unreliable by the judiciary, relations between the State and Rai “The same situation occurred in the case of Senate President Ignazio La Russa’s father and Rai’s father. As everyone knows, Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni broke off relations with Franco Meloni when he was still a child.”

Disturbing services

An interview with a justice collaborator describing allegations between the Prime Minister’s father, Franco Meloni, and boss Michele Senese has outraged Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni’s party. There is also the “La Russa Dinasty” report dated October 8, which includes testimony from former Carabinieri colonel Michele Riccio, who claims that he learned from an informant that the mafia wanted to vote for Antonino and Vincenzo La in 1994. Russia.

Italy’s brothers against the “report method”

According to Fratelli d’Italia, the two journalistic reports, considered “in some respects copies of each other”, are expected to indirectly target political representatives. “In one – we read again in the note – there is a penitent who brings up a dead person decades later, judged by the judges to be unreliable, and who therefore cannot respond. Moreover, he continues – they choose not to hold him accountable. Perhaps the whole of the theorem that would otherwise be put into practice public opinion on the unreliability of interviewed witnesses as the system would collapse. We are witnessing the gradual degradation of historical transmission, once with what appears to all intents and purposes to be a ‘method’ capable of carrying out real investigations and, today, an end in itself, useful only for spreading mud “We hope that the CEO and Chairman will respond quickly and substantively to the points we have raised.”

Elly Schlein’s attack: “Melons? Worse than Berlusconi?”

Defending the actions of Ranucci and his team, Democratic Party secretary Elly Schlein said during the ‘meeting’ in Gubbio: “Meloni surpassed Berlusconi: These attacks on the right to investigate did not even occur with the Bulgarian edict. We must invent other kinds of edicts, of which the Hungarian edict I don’t know whether it is or not. These are attacks unbecoming of democracy”, thundered the PD secretary. The statement of the Democratic Group is in the same tone: “Direct capital is attacking the Report, which is an information program. Is it inappropriate information for the Prime Minister and his party? It may be. But this information should be open to the public and, above all, free.”

5 Star Movement: “They want to restrict press freedom”

Members of the 5 Star Movement on the Supervisory Committee also defended the publication: “We do not go into the substance of the content of the services published in the report – we read in the note – but we limit ourselves to observing that the interventions follow one another at arm’s length, openly or covertly, with the aim of limiting the freedom of the public service and the press in general about information.”

Source: Today IT