Regional elections: why the stakes are high for the centre-left (and Meloni laughs)

Time is running out for alliances and candidacies in terms of administrative and regional elections. If the centre-right always finds a field of common candidates (as it has always done for three decades), despite the disagreements between Salvini and Meloni, exacerbated by the Solinas affair in Sardinia, in the diverse world of the centre-left there are no candidates. similar certainties.

Cases of Sardinia and Piedmont

The two most pressing thorns for Giuseppe Conte and Elly Schlein are Sardinia and Piedmont. You have until 20:00 this evening to submit lists in the Four Moors island (voting will take place on February 25, this will be the first region to go to the polls in 2024). The centre-left is fragmented. It is not due to disagreements between the Pd and M5 leaders, who have long agreed that five-star Alessandra Todde (Conte’s deputy) should be the presidential candidate, but the road is still uphill. Renato Soru, which is on the verge of the impossible, has a certain consensus as he has not given up his candidacy and will attract a lot of votes from the centre-left basin. His candidacy is also supported by Action. The disagreement between the family and the daughter of the Democratic Party’s regional council member, Camilla, also made the news. The risk, who knows how calculated, is to give a big and comfortable victory to the centre-right and to Paolo Truzzu, the “brother of Italy” who is very loyal to the mayor of Cagliari and Prime Minister Meloni. If the question gets even 10 percent, so to speak, the game is over.

In Piedmont, where negotiations between the Democratic Party and the 5 Star Movement are hanging by a thread, the problems are different but equally serious. The Roman secretariats have made clear how necessary it is to “not tear” and are trying to establish a common platform on some fixed points: the right to education, public transport, the waste cycle. Cuneo dem deputy Chiara Gribaudo, the national demo president who has stated that she wants to run for president, has already taken a step back. Daniele Valle, vice president of the regional council, remains on the field between dems. The name of Turin’s former M5s mayor, Chiara Appendino, is also back in fashion. Small problem: According to the polls, Forza Italia’s Alberto Cirio will win by a wide margin.

Therefore, there is no time to be a victim and have an accident. The candidate for a major “collapse” and divided space is not there yet. But the emergence of the opposition united at the national level against Meloni in one of the key regions in the north is very important and marks an essential first step in the building of coalitions for the vote in Basilicata and Abruzzo (yesterday a united Pd). demonstrated -M5S). Voting will be held in Umbria in the autumn.


The only situation that is clear for the centre-left at the moment is the regional elections in Abruzzo, where voting will take place on 10 March. Here the centre-left jumped-started the challenge, immediately nominating a unitary candidate: Luciano D’Amico, former rector of the University of Teramo, Pd, M5s, Iv, Action and civil lists. Last Saturday Schlein held the first stage of his election campaign.

Abruzzo is a very valuable country for the prime minister because the current president, Marco Marsilio, was the first representative of the Brotherhood of Italy to conquer a region. D’Amico will run, he seems to have reached a consensus that could give the current president, who already seems to have an advantage, a hard time.


Even in Basilicata, in the spring elections, the Democratic Party set out decisively, nominating ‘citizen’ Angelo Chiorazzo as its candidate, leading the Basilicata Casa Comune coalition; but M5s did not participate. But after a meeting between the Pd and M5s in recent days, the Lucanian dems put forward the basic hypothesis of “a common leadership in the centre-left”, as the regional secretary Giovanni Lettieri explained “without prejudice”. Chiorazzo’s candidacy.

What will happen

In short, a lot of confusion and a feeling that the double collapse of Sardinia and Piedmont could deal a heavy blow to the fragile Pd-M5 alliance. Fratelli d’Italia could realistically find themselves with “one of their own” men in charge of Sardinia, while Marsilio’s reconfirmation in Abruzzo in the spring would be another success for Meloni, who will contest the European elections. The wind blows hard in June.

Source: Today IT