Because Salvini and Rummo pasta are talked about a lot

Minister of Infrastructure and Transport Matteo Salvini visited the factory where Rummo pasta is produced in Benevento. Sharing a video on his social media account while visiting the pasta factory, Salvini, wearing his protective hat and white apron, told his followers: “Against those who want insect flour – Salvini says in the reel – in short, those who struggle with the Mediterranean diet in Brussels. They make 800 thousand packages of pasta a day here, it is extraordinary.” “Long live Italy, long live our quality.” The hashtag #Rummo started trending on the social network

Salvini’s video at the Rummo pasta factory and the boycott: what happened

The explicit #boycottRummo hashtag emerged after the Rummo factory in Benevento was flooded in 2015, resulting in a viral social solidarity campaign thanks to the #saveRummo hashtag.

Cosimo Rummo, president and CEO of Rummo, was stunned by the users’ reactions: “I am truly speechless – he said in an interview with Corriere del Mezzogiorno – The Minister of Infrastructure is coming to Benevento to invest, he wants to come and visit I do not understand what the organization wants: “Should I close the door on them? I don’t understand,” he added. Among the posts, there is also the irony of the connection between Salvini, pasta and the bridge over the Strait of Messina: There are people who make a bridge from pasta in Messina with artificial intelligence.

Source: Today IT