Terni attacks Bandecchi’s words: “A normal man looks at a woman’s ass and tries”

Stormed by the words of Mayor Stefano Bandecchi of Terni after his words in the City Council, where discussion was underway on a law proposed by minorities on gender violence. «I know that all Italian men understood, at least the normal ones, and by normal I mean sane. All normal women understood me. Having said that, it is true that Italy is full of imbeciles and so I understand that it is difficult for some to understand my words as I claim them all, one by one. A normal man looks at another woman’s beautiful ass and maybe even hits on her. So if he gets it, he’ll fuck her too. If he doesn’t make it, he takes it and goes home. Take offense as much as you want, but it’s my idea”, the mayor’s words.

The reactions of the minorities who left the room were immediate. “Let the rats escape”, was Bandecchi’s reaction, who also spoke of “femicides committed by four stoned and obsessed people”. «All the imbeciles who don’t understand what we said will be their problem, I advise everyone who emigrates», his comment when announcing the continuation of work on the act, with the necessary modifications, and the vote on the Popular Alternative.

«What Bandecchi claims to be normal in his statements is anything but normal. He praises “sensible” men and women who perfectly understood the meaning of his words, and about “imbeciles” for whom understanding him is a problem. But do we understand how Bandecchi continually surpasses the standards of decency, first of all cultural, but also moral and institutional, with his explosions? Bandecchi must resign. It is shameful and unacceptable, and should encourage us all to reflect, that such a person can occupy an institutional position and exploit it to spread such a regressive, misogynistic and chauvinist subculture”, the reaction in a note from the parliamentarians of the 5th Star Movement in the bicameral investigation of the Commission on feminicide and gender-based violence Stefania Ascari, Anna Bilotti, Alessandra Maiorino and Daniela Morfino.

Source: IL Tempo