Fourth Republic, Giorgia Meloni on the candidacy: “That’s when I will decide”

«Let’s see, let’s see. I think I will decide at the last minute, when the lists are formed.” This is how the Prime Minister, Giorgia Meloni, responded to the host of the Fourth Repubblica, Nicola Porro, when asked if she would run in the European elections. “Imagine if I don’t consider it important compete with the consensus of citizens. That’s the only thing that matters to me. Citizens who would vote for a Meloni running for public office in Europe know that she won’t go, which doesn’t change the fact that, whether they want to confirm it or not a consensus, that’s also democracy. It might be important for me to check if I still have that consent.” The possibility of running for the next European elections “is 50%, I want to create a little suspense. But is that really the only thing that matters? We see”.

The prime minister also addressed the issue of the political clash with the left. «For me, Pd and M5S are two faces of the same left – continued Meloni – So I believe that whoever runs for leader of this opposition should be chosen by the citizens and not by me. If we talk about European dynamics, historically the comparison is between the Conservatives and the Socialist Party, then the natural interlocutor is the Democratic Party also because the position of the M5S is marginal”. So the Prime Minister, Giorgia Meloni, in the Fourth Republic in Retequattro.

Source: IL Tempo