Meloni vents about consultations: “The PD card no longer counts”

Giorgia Meloni attacks the controversies of the left during the interview given on the January 22nd episode of Quarta Repubblica, the Monday night television program on Rete4, presented by Nicola Porro. The assistance to the Prime Minister’s question comes from the question about the case of the appointment of Luca De Fusco at the Teatro di Roma, which generated a hornet’s nest of controversy: “A person was appointed, I didn’t even know, I learned from the agitation on the left that , as far as I know, he has an iron CV in terms of culture and competence, he has no party affiliation and what is the scandal? Who doesn’t have a Democratic Party card.”

Then Meloni went further, carefully articulating his words to the camera: “Notice to sailors, the world in which the PD card scores points for public appointments is FI NI TO. People who have merit go there regardless of what card they decided to sign, if they have one.” End of the left’s occupation of places of culture and power.

Source: IL Tempo