Schlein remains alone in the Democratic Party. “We have to keep it”, earthquake in democracies

“We all know that we have to keep Elly, we certainly cannot change our leader, or supposed leader, on the eve of such a delicate election campaign. Of course, in the event of defeat, most of us will want to replace her not when the count is complete, but as soon as Enrico Mentana reads the first exit polls.” With these phrases from an important exponent of the Democratic Party, opens the Corriere della Sera article dedicated to the loneliness of Elly Schlein, elected Democrat secretary just 10 months ago and already with one foot in the grave, politically speaking. The turning point is represented by the European elections in June, which could represent the last Schlein’s act as leader of the left party.

Schlein, with his possible candidacy for Brussels, provoked the revolt of women in the Democratic Party. And then there are the other criticisms: it doesn’t work on TV, it’s vague on all the most delicate matters and it doesn’t listen to anyone’s advice. And whatever happens, the choice for the European elections will face criticism, including weakness in the event of a resignation or other attacks from the party, with several prominent figures having already expressed their opposition to the candidacy. And the future of the Democratic Party? There are increasingly insistent rumors of a leader led by Paolo Gentiloni who would take on the role of the center-left federation. And another name to keep an eye on, according to the Via Solferino newspaper, is Enzo Amendola. Certainly, from the various origins, a deep fracture emerges within the Democratic Party: Schlein’s hours are numbered.

Source: IL Tempo