Giorgia Meloni on the left: “The friendship is over, now I’m going to deal the cards with her”

Giorgia Meloni, interviewed by Quarta Repubblica, intervenes in the controversy surrounding the new general director of the Teatro di Roma foundation. «Now I’m going to give you the cards, in the sense that the Italians give them. Italy is a nation where there is friendship, there are these circles of friendship where there is an induction. That time is over, just as the time when you needed a party card to get somewhere is over, this is the time of merit”, thundered the Prime Minister. «That’s why they make a mess at the Teatro di Roma, but a person was appointed there who has a strict CV, doesn’t have a party membership card, doesn’t have an Fdi membership card and what’s the scandal? Those who do not have a PD card. That’s the problem,” he added.

During the interview Meloni also spoke about privatizations. Obtaining 20 billion in 3 years from privatizations is a “job that can be done seriously”, selling “some shares in public companies without compromising public control, and in some companies entirely owned by the State we can sell minority shares to private individuals” . The Railways, he specified, “is one of the dossiers on the table” and “the State always maintains control when control is fundamental”. Stressing that from his point of view «privatization is not about giving gifts to some lucky businessman and friend», Meloni picked up a few pebbles, responding to the Elkann: «The accusation that came from Repubblica made me smile a little, with a front page about Italy “for sale”. That this accusation comes to me from the newspaper of someone who took Fiat and sold it to the French, transferred the headquarters and tax administration abroad, put the websites of our historic Italian companies up for sale… I don’t know if the title was an autobiography but, frankly, neither are the lessons about protecting Italianity from these pulpits.” When asked by presenter Nicola Porro if she regretted the words said about Chiara Ferragni, Meloni replied: “I’m not sorry, but I regretted that they were interpreted as a confrontation.

In fact, I was saying something positive to people who produce excellence, which we see through influencers giving more weight to those who “wear” rather than those who produce. It is the left – noted Meloni – that has gone crazy, as if I had attacked Che Guevara, as he said at the end of the year conference. They were the ones who created the case, I didn’t want to create a case.” But «what interests me about this story is that it demonstrated that there is indeed a hole, in terms of transparency, in the regulation of commercial activities that also have charitable purposes. Wanted or not, it’s something you can find. So we’re now making a rule that says that for commercial activities that also have a charitable purpose, on the packaging of what you sell you must specify who the resources go to, how many resources go to charity .

«It is a regulation on transparency that I am working on and that will reach the Council of Ministers on Thursday». European elections: «How likely are I to run? today they are at 50%”, replied Meloni. «We’ll see, we’ll see – he then added – I think I’ll decide at the last minute, when the lists are formed. Imagine if I don’t consider it important to compete with the consensus of citizens. It’s the only thing that matters to me. Citizens who would vote for a Meloni running for public office in Europe know that she will not go, which does not change the fact that, whether they want to confirm a consensus or not, that is also democracy. It may be important for me to check whether I still have that consent.” The EU mission in the Red Sea, he continued, “is predominantly a defense policy. 15% of world trade passes through there and preventing the passage of goods means a disproportionate increase of prices.

Source: IL Tempo