Elly Schlein and her Democratic Party caught between chocolate spread and emotional rain

No, it was probably not a good idea to hold the “meeting” of the Democratic Party at the famous five-star Park Hotel Ai Cappuccini in Gubbio, where stars did not belong to Giuseppe Conte’s movement. A party that is supposed to lead the “left” opposition in a country decimated by debt, with offices closing here and there around the country, where the poor are getting poorer and are voting more to the right, perhaps its meetings should be better. Instead of armoring ourselves with golden bunkers to replicate an endless and Tafazzian “analysis of defeat”, we put them in the squares. But then: is there still a need to analyze the defeat? But first of all, how many decades of defeats are needed to make a correct analysis? Democratic mysteries.

Speech by Elly Schlein

Who knows how much young Elly Schlein regretted agreeing to face such political nonsense? While Carmelo Caruso was in Foglio, the secretary came to the field on a field trip and revealed to the world that the most requested treatment in the structure was the “chocolate spread”, a mixture of cocoa, apple and grape compresses. The man, who later disappeared due to the “tropical Maracuja rain”, tried to rectify the situation: “The spa is closed and I don’t think anyone brought swimsuits or guns, I don’t want to be mistaken but we.” We are here to do something else and we are here to talk about concrete problems. “Leave the pictures in the rooms, and if you return by train, do not stop the train for any reason, because we have seen a lot in the last months,” he said. He said this during his hit and run (first of all) speech.

Cholochromatic Elly, covered in chocolate, also had to justify herself, because someone feared that her barely mentioned presence in the luxurious venue concealed a human and understandable dissent: “This moment of reflection and at the same time I saw many thoughts on my own thoughts. She announced that I came today – because yesterday mental health “I went to see Krypton, which is a great movie about it; I would recommend it to anyone, even the government, given the lack of medical personnel in this industry.” At the end of the race, to avoid the rich gourmet dinner tables with old barons who would tell him how nice it was to be a communist before the invention of emotional showers, or how nice it was to be a Christian Democrat before even the communists discovered emotional showers, the leader preferred to hole up in the cinema with his friends. It’s hard to blame him.


“No to sending weapons to Israel”

The secretary of the Democrats then tried to cleanse from the large body of the party the thermal sludge of two days and, above all, the accumulated (symbolic) skin impurities for a timid and sometimes incomprehensible position in the left public opinion. The war in the Middle East. “We must ask ourselves the question of not fueling these conflicts, refraining from sending and exporting weapons to conflicts in the Middle East, especially to Israel. Why not risk having the weapons used on Israel? Commit what could be considered war crimes.”

Veneto’s wound

Another notable passage from Schlein’s speech that could bear the title “look where I fell” is the section about the failure to approve the death law in Veneto due to the vote of a member of parliament. The Democratic Party signed the coup despite Zaia’s support for the Luca Coscioni Association’s proposal. “It is not surprising that the Right has rejected Zaia’s end-of-life bill, but it is hurtful that the vote also comes from the Democratic Party. We did not ask you to vote in favor of course, but if the Group is asking you to leave parliament so as not to contribute to the collapse of the bill, you must leave parliament and the entire party “It is the right thing not to decide the outcome of this choice on your own.” Who knows, maybe the problem with this Democratic Party is that it does not ask all members of parliament to vote for a law that stipulates certain periods of time for access to a right.

On the other hand, the leader of the Democratic Party did not untie the knot about his possible candidacy for the European elections (“this is the last thing”), defended the Report against the attacks of Fratelli d’Italia and confirmed the positions already known in the central administration. He reiterated his demand for greater State presence on issues of political debate, such as the fate of Old Ilva. It is clearly back to the “minimum wage”, the struggle for identity has finally “entered homes and workplaces”, and from today it has also turned into a mixture of cocoa, apple and grape compresses, which are eliminated by the “tropical maracuja rain”. .

Source: Today IT