The aid bill has arrived: Sanctions of up to 50 thousand euros are foreseen

Products will be required to indicate the purpose of the income and the recipient of the aid, as well as the amount or share allocated for this purpose. In addition, sanctions of between 5 thousand and 50 thousand euros will be imposed and there will be a possibility of stopping the activity for one year in case of repeated violations. This is foreseen in the draft law on the charitable use of proceeds from the sale of products, which is expected to be on the table of the preparatory meeting of the Council of Ministers on Thursday, Wednesday, January 24. According to what is read in the draft, the competent authority to impose sanctions will be Antitrust.

In addition, before placing the products on the market, it is mandatory to provide the Institution with the mandatory information as well as the deadline for the charitable aid amount to be paid. The producer must notify the Authority of the payment within three months from this deadline. “In less serious cases envisaged in the draft, the sanction is reduced by up to two thirds. In case of repetition of the violation, it is decided to suspend the activity for one month to one year.”

A follow-up to “Pandorogate” featuring the impressive Chiara Ferragni. And it brings restrictions and sanctions that will regulate the entire sector.

Source: Today IT