Repubblica and the left against Meloni. They don’t accept criticism

Repubblica and the left against Giorgia Meloni. What aroused the ire of the newspaper and the opposition was the announcement that the government intends to privatize some companies and the accusations against the Agnelli family (in response to a headline in the Gedi group newspaper led by John Elkann) of having brought the production of cars outside Italy and having sold them to the French. The editorial board of Repubblica published a statement yesterday accusing the prime minister of wanting to muzzle the press and limit the freedom of journalists, while Sandro Ruotolo, information manager for the Democratic Party, and Matteo Renzi gave their solidarity to the editorial board. Instead, he agrees with Prime Minister Roberto Capobianco, president of Conflavoro: «On the issue of privatizations we certainly think like the Meloni government: Italy does not run the risk of being a flea market, on the contrary, it needs those far-sighted individuals and with money to invest and a different, modernized vision to propose for the development of the country and its infrastructure. It would not seem like a scandal to us if the State sold part of the important companies it controls and which, in certain cases, it would certainly continue to control. We see no risk of any type of drift.”

Giorgia Meloni did not respond to the accusations yesterday, but may do so today during the “opening time” that will take place at 3pm in the Chamber. For the left, the “privatization case” is actually a tasty tidbit to attack the government. The question posed by Azione, who asks the Prime Minister “if he intends to summon the president of Stellantis, John Elkann, who has always guaranteed the continuity of production and employment at both Magneti Marelli and Stellantis, and the CEO, Carlos Tavares, to clarify once and for all what the group’s plans are for Italy, with what guarantees and whether new initiatives are being studied to relaunch the Italian automotive sector”. But at the “opening time” Meloni will also have to answer other questions and above all it will be the opportunity for a face-to-face meeting with Elly Schlein. The secretary of the Democratic Party will focus on health care and the “dramatic difficulties facing hospitals due to staff shortages”. Election campaign theme and Schlein intends to make it one of the key points of the campaign in the coming months, along with the cost of living.The Democrats are in fact organizing a series of ad hoc stages with meetings with people from the sector, a tour of healthcare.

Among other questions will be one from Avs, who asks Meloni to know what the government’s position is regarding Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s clear opposition to the birth of a Palestinian State and that “urgent and concrete initiatives he intends to propose also at a European level to an immediate ceasefire and make the “two peoples, two states” solution credible. Giuseppe Conte’s speech will focus instead on the Stability and Growth Pact, as the Movement will ask what measures the government intends to take to ensure that the new Pact does not have a negative impact on investments, in particularly in health, education and the environment. Italia viva will address the issue of non-renewal of the Irpef exemption for properties and agricultural income, while +Europa will intervene in compensation for the families of victims of the Nazi massacres. As far as the majority is concerned, Fratelli d’Italia will focus on the discussion linked to the relaunch of the South; the League on the law enabling the elderly people’s pact; We have moderated the measures related to the inclusion allowance.

Source: IL Tempo