“Abortion? That’s never okay, even in the case of rape.” The conference in the Parliament was a coincidence

“Abortion is not a legally acceptable right and is never right, even in the most tragic cases such as rape.” One of the sentences in the brochure of an initiative heard in the House of Representatives: “Machiavelli” A conference organized by the Center for Political and Strategic Studies and authorized by Lega MP Simone Billi, who is among the authors of the book. Lega’s website.Association.

In the event, animated by “pro-sovereignty” blogger Marco Malaguti and Roma Tre University Philosophy doctoral student Maria Alessandra Varone, the interruption of pregnancy regulated by Law No. 194 was denounced 360 degrees and put on the same level as euthanasia. Objection to the right to self-determination of women, who, according to the theses supported by the speakers, should not have the right to make more decisions than the father of the potential child.

Attack from the Democratic Party: “The right is attacking the right to abortion from every front.”

As expected, the content and tone of the initiative sparked an avalanche of criticism from the opposition. “It is very serious and unacceptable that league lawmakers would question a state law and miss the opportunity to demonstrate a vision of women’s rights so regressive that it would set the country back 50 years. It is inhumane to consider imposing such an option on an intimate, personal and painful woman. There is no doubt that , the wolf loses its fur but does not lose its flaw. So what do Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni and Minister Eugenia Roccella say?” Democratic Party senator Valeria Valente, a member of the bicameral commission on femicide, asks this.

His party colleague and MP Rachele Scarpa echoes him: “I am sincerely disturbed by the use of the House of Representatives through this conference,” she explains to Today.it. To challenge the ‘morality’ and legitimacy of a right established by law in the press conference hall of the Italian legislature is certainly grotesque, if not alarming. The right’s attack on abortion rights is constant and on every front: from lack of resources in health care to burying fetuses to listening to heartbeats, both in terms of cultural propaganda and at the legislative level. I observe a lot of activism towards the denial of women’s basic right to freedom and self-determination. In accordance with the dogma of ‘God, homeland and family’, a woman is a mother by nature and the freedom to choose over her own body in the event of pregnancy cannot be part of this plan. “We are the opposite of this vision: 194 must be defended and its full implementation must be guaranteed, starting with better financing areas such as counseling centres, and directly addressing the problem of conscientious objection, which exceeds 80 percent in some regions.”

Italia Viva: “We are beyond reactionism”

“We are beyond reactionary here. Out of the Middle Ages,” Raffaella Paita, national coordinator of Italia Viva, writes on social media. “The Northern League MP, Billi, explains, wants to replace Senator Pillon as a defender of backwardness and supports the holding of a conference in the Parliament where law 194 is questioned and which denies that abortion is a right for women and their freedom is coming to an end. The majority is insufficient , incompetent and even illiberal people. You should go home.” His colleague and senator Ivan Scalfarotto was also very harsh: “As the midterm elections in the USA clearly show, this is not only morally perverse, but also politically losing. In any case, let’s try and let them win, too.” “We will see it at the barricades,” he writes.

Billi: “I was not there, the League and I are for freedom of choice”

The statement of the relevant person, who did not take the initiative due to the commitments of the Foreign Affairs Committee in Strasbourg, also added water to the fire. “What some media reports today – explains Simone Billi – does not represent mine, let alone the party’s position. The Union has always fought for women’s freedom of expression and what is reported is false. I personally believe in freedom of choice and, above all, women who are victims of violence cannot be used, cannot be exploited “I reiterate once again that women should be able to make autonomous decisions. I was not at the conference and if I had been there, I would have definitely developed my theses.”

Zanella (Avs): “It is a pity that the chamber hosts such an event”

Billi’s “excommunication” has partially calmed the criticism, but there are those, such as Italia Viva senator Daniela Sbrollini, who would call for an investigation of the Chamber to clarify how it was possible to host an event that challenged a legislated right. a state law. “It is a good thing that the Union rejects its own guests,” Luana Zanella, group leader of the Greens and Left Alliance in Parliament, explains to Today.it: “The invited speakers – she continues – supported things that even the most reactionary cannot accept. “Since the right to self-determination is a well-established principle, it is regrettable that the Chamber could host an event where such backward views are expressed.”

Source: Today IT