Pozzolo, the Public Prosecutor’s expert says: “Outline? That’s the way things are.”

The case of Emanuele Pozzolo is still under discussion. Yesterday’s news revealed that the results of the stub (test that allows traces of gunpowder to be detected) carried out on the hands and clothes of the deputy, suspended by the Brothers of Italy, from whose gun the shot was fired that injured a man in Rosazza, in the province of Biella, on New Year’s Eve. After confirmation from the Biella prosecutor, Teresa Angela Camelio, Agi interviewed Raffaella Sorropago, the ballistics superspecialist appointed by the Biella prosecutor in the complex case: «Each weapon and each cartridge generates a different dispersion of particles, which varies depending not only on the characteristics techniques, but also environmental conditions. For this reason, in general, it can be said that the Stub examination detects traces of dispersed dust that settle on objects and people ‘in the vicinity’ of the explosion point. But to draw more accurate conclusions, for example about the real distance, it is necessary to cross-reference all available data. Each piece of data alone is not enough to reconstruct what happened, not just the Stub, not just the remains of the famous table. I, for example, have not yet been able to examine the weapon, which is still in Ris’s laboratory.”

The expert explains how he continues his work and hopes to deliver the report by the end of February, but denies any jumping to conclusions, in one direction or another: «Not only – he explains – out of respect for the confidentiality of the investigations, but because there are many elements to think about and they’re not all in my possession yet.”

What checks will you need to carry out on the weapon? The question she asked. «They are – responds the specialist – different. From testing the weapon’s functionality to checking the projectiles, comparing them with the one extracted from the injured person’s leg. This is delicate work, which I will obviously carry out with the participation of the defense consultant.” «Back to Rosazza? Currently – comments Sorropago – I would say no. Unless, of course, the progress of the work raises issues that make it necessary .”

Source: IL Tempo