Cheers, Meloni dismantles Schlein: “You ask us to solve problems created by you”

Total confrontation in question period between Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni and the Democratic Secretary. The challenge was also and above all centered on health. “I consider it an implicit demonstration of esteem that you ask us to solve all the problems that you have not solved in the 10 years that you have been in government.” Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni said this during question time in the House, responding to Democratic Party Secretary Elly Schlein’s question about healthcare. “Thank you for trusting this government”, joked the prime minister.

“The problem of ‘tokenist’ doctors is a problem that this government has faced since the beginning of its inauguration”, a “hateful phenomenon that we have intervened on” and that “we intend to eliminate”, guarantees Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni Câmara , responding to a question from the Democratic Party on the topic of health care waiting lists. “We did not even contain ourselves on the problem of staff shortages and the need to increase the number of employees in health units… We are dealing and will also deal with this heavy legacy, including exceeding the maximum expenditure limit, a objective that we hope will be achieved as quickly as possible in a manner compatible with public finance commitments”, continued Meloni.

Source: IL Tempo