Giorgia Meloni criticizes Israel and clashes with Stellantis

Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni’s visit to the Montecitorio hall to answer “question time” did not only present “duels” with Democratic Party secretary Elly Schlein and 5 Star Movement leader Giuseppe Conte.

The Prime Minister also touched on the merits of two issues that have taken center stage at this time, using the debate in parliament to solidify the now clear line of his executive branch and the majority that support it on the war in the Middle East. A conflict broke out with Stellantis, who was accused of giving the group to the French.

Meloni: “Palestine has the right to state”

Green-Left Alliance MP Nicola Fratoianni called on the Prime Minister to intervene in the dramatic situation in the Gaza Strip: “Every day in his speech he distances himself from the war crimes committed by Netanyahu in the hope of security” for Israel, the Palestinians and the whole world… Calls are enough in the face of this reality It is not, but a change of pace is needed, and unless we share Netanyahu’s statements saying ‘there will never be a Palestinian state as long as I am there’, the reference to road maps is no longer useful, as he is like a huge stone on the path to building peace. “And without a change of pace, our government risks becoming complicit in what appears to be an unacceptable massacre of civilians every day.”

Giorgia Meloni said: “Italy has always reiterated that the Palestinian people have the right to a state: This is a just and necessary solution in the interests of Palestinians and Israelis. After the Israeli government refused to recognize the solution, two peoples in the Middle East, two states. Netanyahu’s close “I do not share the position he took at the time, but this cannot be demanded unilaterally: the condition is the recognition of the right to existence of the Jewish state.”

“We want to go back to producing at least one million vehicles in Italy”

Also interesting is the passage about Stellantis, which shows the prime minister engaging in an unusual argument with Repubblica. In the program “Quarta Repubblica”, Meloni commented on the article titled “Italy for sale”, which criticized the government for the privatization of large assets. “Everything is very good,” he said, but it is strange that this accusation comes from the newspaper owned by those who bought Fiat and sold it to the French, those who moved the tax and law center abroad, and those who put it up for sale on the center’s websites. Many of our historic Italian companies are related to real estate. “I don’t know if the title is an autobiography, but it’s not lessons in preserving Italianness from these pulpits.”

Under pressure from Matteo Richetti, leader of the Action group in Parliament, the prime minister returned to the topic: “The government wants to establish a balanced relationship with Stellantis to defend national interests, defend production and employment,” he explained.


We want to return to producing at least one million vehicles a year in Italy, together with those who truly want to invest in historic Italian excellence. The Fiat group moved its tax centers beyond national borders and carried out an alleged merger between FCA and PSA; this actually concealed the acquisition of the historic Italian group by the French; So much so that today, a government representative sits on the Stellantis board of directors. It is not a coincidence that the French and the group take into consideration French demands rather than Italian demands in their industrial choices. As a result, more production is being done in France than in Italy, where more than 1 million cars produced in 2017 fell below 700 thousand in 2022.”


Source: Today IT